Short Ramblings – Fitness Journal

Yet another crazy day at work, the Executive Briefing Center never seems to pause. Never a dull moment, always going, going, GOING! It’s now 5:45pm and I finally have somewhat of a second to catch up and breathe, maybe fill you guys in on broken ramblings that have been cycling through my head since 7am.

This week I wanted to work on setting personal goals for myself for next week. I actually keep a physical journal dedicated purely to my fitness life. I keep a section for ‘Diet’, ‘Exercise’, ‘Goals’, and ‘Journal’.

I break my diet off into each day with lines for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks & beverages. Some days I’m not proud of what I have to write that day, but it definitely makes me conscious of the food decisions that I make.

I LOVE my exercise section! I love tracking my mileage, or my crazy sets at the gym. If I don’t work out or go to the gym that day I’ll write ‘Rest Day’. I try not to take more than 2 days in a row off for rest days, unless it’s a crazy insane week like this week (which I’m not proud of, but I won’t beat myself up for it!).

Sunday nights I will usually update my ‘Goals’ section. I try to include diet goals, exercise goals, certain number of miles I want to run, and what focus areas I want to work on with my body. Some of my bigger long term goals are to work on my hamstrings, lift and tighten my booty (as much as I love it, it could use a good lift), and work on my low back. I think goals are extremely important to have, you should always be aiming for something, it motivates you to do better and get out of bed at 4am!

The ‘Journal’ section is basically a compilation of all my random thoughts, basically me checking in letting myself know where I’m at with my goals, if I made a big boo boo on my diet, what my plans for the week are as far as focus areas, when I’m going to go to the gym, new things I want to try etc.

My goals for the next few days are to get my ass out of bed on tomorrow and get work done at the gym! Definitely want to run and incorporate some of my jump rope, body weight exercises and plyometrics. I will post my actual work out routine tomorrow. This weekend I want to find new running routes around my new condo. I miss running outdoors, I feel so cooped up with this cold weather and not knowing my surroundings.

I also want to eat A LOT healthier. I’ll be honest, I have enjoyed several chocolate bars, Halloween candy, Mexican food, and Mac n’ Jacks. I’m not proud of my decisions! My face isn’t very proud either, it broke out and I have this HUGE zit seated comfortable above my upper lip like an unsightly Monroe.

Well, I better get back to work, this was a really nice break from my current situation……

I was really hoping to have more for you today! Seriously, it’s been so insane these past few days, I can’t wait to have internet on Monday, shit’s about to get cray! I don’t even know if people read these posts, either way, it feels good to get my thoughts, goals, and aspirations out there. G’nite folks!


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