Goals Insight

I can say I’m finally ready to get back on track. Last week was a terrible attempt to get back into the full swing of things after a huge move, health issues with our last place, stressful situations at work, etc. I’ve had time to reboot my brain over the weekend and focus on my personal fitness goals, with 100% focus this time. Mind you, I STILL don’t have internet, but I should have internet when I get home tonight! I’ve been so excited!

Yesterday I sat down for a good hour and wrote out my workouts for the week, wrote my goals, and planned my meals for today. I am feeling pretty good about what I have to share with you guys this week! I plan on cutting out carbs (not completely!), increasing my protein intake and fats, drinking more water, and eating frequent small meals through out the day.

So far today I have eaten a Nature’s Bakery Fig Bar and Greek God’s Yogurt. I like to have my carbs for the day immediately after a rigorous work out. I had a diced ham, black bean, olive, sun flower seed, salad today for lunch. Light on the dressing, plenty of leaves. For dinner tonight I plan on having ground turkey with quinoa, black beans, corn, with light cheese wrapped in a whole wheat low carb tortilla. Definitely a favorite of mine. Have it every week, sometimes twice a week.

My work out today was all upper body: Biceps, triceps, laterals, and some shoulders.

-10 modified 20lb barbell curls
-10/10 15lb criss cross dumbbell curls
-10/10 15lb dumbbell curls x3

-15/15 15lb tricep kick backs
-10 25lb overhead extensions
-20 20lb barbell skull crushers x3

-15 70lb lateral pull downs
-15/15 20lb lateral rows
-10-10-10 50-40-30lb drop set back rows x3

-60 minute elliptical cross train resistance 6-8 (6 miles)

My goal today was to run an hour outdoors, but I hurt my right ankle/foot yesterday. I believe the jump roping from yesterday hurt it, tends to happen when it’s been a while. Yesterday’s work out was all cardio and body weight exercises:

-20 min treadmill incline intervals
-20 min stair interval step ups

-1 min high knees jump rope
-10 burpees
-1 min high knees jump rope
-10/10 pistol squats
-1 min high knees jump rope
-50 air squats
-1 min high knees jump rope
-5/5 scorpion push ups
-1 min high knees jump rope x3

I am definitely going to treat my body better and take it slow when I notice injuries. For my marathon training I pushed, and pushed, and pushed it so hard that my taper week left me in so much pain. My IT bands were so tight that they were effecting the way I ran and felt like the arch of my foot was tearing. I had to take it easy, ice it, put menthol gel on it, I was so worried I wouldn’t be able to compete! Thankfully I was healed right before and was able to compete.

I’m extremely excited to finally be doing a competition! I have always wanted to compete, I feel like my body has an above average ability to gain muscle quick and keep it. I’m very lucky to have a live in trainer (my hubby) as well. I can’t wait to show off my hard work! I have been in love with fitness for a very long time, and I’m hoping this experience will gain me some friends who share the same passion. I feel way too often I get caught up in the health and fitness conversation with people who a) Could care less b) Think I’m a pompous asshole for being so workout and fitness oriented or c) Talk about it and complain about how they aren’t fit but do nothing about it even when you offer help.

Can’t wait to meet who’s out there! Don’t be afraid to reach out!

~Jess ♥

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