Still No Internet!

Soooo, apparently Century Link is taking their sweet ass time getting our internet connected. Turns out we actually have to have a technician come and install the internet for us, since there’s some difficulty with just flipping a switch somewhere and allowing us access. Booooo…. I know all about that technical bull crap, I work at Microsoft after all. I swear we are their guinea pigs for new tools, software’s, and other desirable tech…. stuff. I have lost count of how many times Outlook Exchange has nearly brought me to tears and caused me to swear lightly under my breathe. I have no idea how many hours of my life I have wasted on the phone with ‘Help Desk’. Not tryin’ to bitch about it, definitely pays the bills and very BRIEFLY allows me to write a short blog post here or there.

I am the Senior member on the closing team so there’s a LOT of responsibility, especially considering the next person below me has only been here for 3 months, so technically I’m training 3 new people. I’m glad our newest girl is catching on so quickly and understanding of my ‘flair ups.’ I definitely can be a hot head, emotional roller coaster, up and down at this job. She’s catching on quick, I hardly ever have to worry about her, it’s great.

*Le siiiiiiiigh* So today I had a short work out. I wanted to focus mainly on stretching and rolling out my IT bands. They are really tight from jump roping, I think I might have tendonitis in my foot (if that’s possible). It’s still very stiff and painful, which is KILLING me with this beautiful weather we’re having! It’s going to start raining soon, I’m terribly sad about it. The rain, dark, and cold is quite depressing. There’s nothing quite like a nice brisk run or a quick work out outdoors.

Today I did the stationary bike for a half hour on cross train resistance 8-10. My goal was to take pressure off my foot, but still challenge my cardio and help build muscle in my legs, especially my hamstrings. I also did the following ab circuit:

-10/10 side plank dips

-15 swiss ball v ups

-15/15 swiss ball oblique raises

-40 bicycles x3

I repeated this round 3 times and STRETCHED! I really want to enjoy an hour long; possible 10 mile run this weekend with my hubby. Trying to treat my IT bands and foot nicely so I can! We definitely need a run together, he’s been so stressed with school and I’ve been so stressed with work. Can’t wait for a little bit of ‘us time’.

Next week I’m going to start up my Zuzka videos again! I absolutely LOVE Zuzka! I think I may have mentioned her in an earlier blog, I’m not sure. If not, she is amazing and you should check out her website. She has so many great HIIT, quick body weight, cardio work outs that deliver results. Check out her ZGYM!

Welp, I better bounce outta here and pretend I’m working! Cross my fingers to get some internet this week though! Stay tuned! Next week I am going to be way more focused on actual meal prep for the week. This week I am just being more conscious of what I eat, not quit planning meals. There’s more to look forward to.


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