Weekend Check-In

Good Morning, Happy Sunday!

It’s been a really good weekend so far! I went to the gym yesterday for cardio day. I did 20 minute intervals on each of the treadmill, stairmaster, stationary bike, and elliptical. Today I plan on going to the gym. I have the following work out written for the day:

-10 burpees
-20 swiss ball low back raises
-20 an machine back lifts
-20/20 ab twists x3

-10-10-10 50-40-30lb back drop set
-15 40lb back row/deadlift
-15/15 20lb dumbell row
-15 10lb back fly x3


-15 50-75lb smith machine squats
-15/15 15lb split squats
-15/15 15lb stationary lunges
-20 35lb plie squats x3

I still have to write my workouts for next week and set my goals! I will be posting those later in the day. Off the top of my head I know I want to focus on meal prep; having my meals planned to the T for the week so there’s no room for mistakes, and also adding plyometric workouts into my weight lifting. I really want to add more jump roping into my workouts too, if my ankle allows. The cardio machinery is dull but the weather forecast is showing rain all week. I need to suite up for the rainy season…. FAST! I think tomorrow is the only day where there’s minimal rain, I better take advantage of that. I need that fresh air to clean out my lungs!

I’ll be posting more later in the day, have an awesome week ya guys!

~Jess ♥

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