Difficult Day

Today was definitely a difficult day.

I ended up forgetting to bring my snacks to work with me, so I didn’t have my apple or banana….. sad day. I had the tum rums for sure, but I wasn’t about to steer off my meal prep week and partake in the delicious apple crumble pastries at work. Nope, I have stronger will power than that. I want to make sure I’m not starving myself though, so I HAVE to remember my snacks tomorrow! I’m pretty proud of myself today, no left over Halloween candy or treats, high-five me.

Tomorrow will be the real test! Staying on my meal prep while working out. Hopefully I planned enough for me to eat, otherwise I’ll have to have a larger salad at lunch, or add an extra scoop of almond butter in my oatmeal for breakfast tomorrow. MMmmmm, I wouldn’t mind an extra scoop of almond butter, freakin’ delicious!

This week is important to me so I can prove to myself that I CAN do Emerald Cup, that I DO have the strong will to stick with a freakin’ strict ass diet! I truly want to make a life style change too, I’m sick of putting crap into my body, pre-packaged food, chemicals and artificial sweeteners, and so much other garbage that businesses are okay with making and letting people put into their bodies because people will buy it. I always thought that I could ‘out train a poor diet’. Now it’s not all about how I look on the outside, I want to treat my body well, I only get one and I want it to last and perform long and strong. You are what you eat

I’m gonna kick this week’s ass, and I’m gonna eat right to do it…..

Until next time!

~Jess ♥

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