Excuses, Excuses…..

Happy Friday err’bodyyyy! We made it! *High-Five*

I failed to get my ass up out of bed to kill my cardio session. My hamstrings are still so sore from Wednesday’s drop set hamstring curls. OUCH. I’m happy with how pumped they are though, they look pretty great, not gonna lie. The idea of cardio with how much pain I was in did NOT sound pleasant. I wasn’t feeling creative enough to write an alternative work out either, plus my bed felt amazing and was beckoning my name to sleep in.

My bad. I should have taken responsibility and gotten out of bed. I very well could have re-written my work out. Excuses, excuses, Jess. I need to wrap my mind around the hard work and dedication that will need to go into this whole process. It’s not easy, it’s no joke, it takes a lot of perseverance.

This morning when my husband tried to roll me out of bed my excuse this morning was, “I’m so sore, my hamstrings hurt. I don’t have to start ACTUALLY training until January or February.” His response was, “Well you want to win, and there are plenty of other people who are starting their training now.” The competition isn’t until April next year, I figure that 8-12 weeks is enough time to train for me.


But I DO want to win, and I know I could  win. I’m very proud of my body type and my ability to gain muscle, but I want to WIN. He’s right, there are other people who are training this very moment for Emerald Cup, and this morning I was laying in bed making excuses. I need to change my mindset, this shit is tough work and I want to pour 110% into it.

I want to do it for me, to prove to myself that I CAN do it, rock it, and love it. I’ve wanted to compete for so long. I also want to do it to meet people, have opportunities in the future in the industry that I love.

This may sound like a horrible reason to want it, but I want to do it to show the people who DON’T share my passion, the ones that think I’m crazy and obsessed, and the ones who always ask me for advice but never follow through; that I can do it and I can be successful at it.

I don’t feel like I know enough people who share the same passion, sometimes I feel like I’m even the odd one out for wanting to make lifestyle changes, and for wanting to be a healthier improved person.

I’m going to train harder, have a stronger will, stronger perseverance, and I am going to bring home some hardware. No more excuses.

~Jess ♥

2 thoughts on “Excuses, Excuses…..

  1. You’ve got this! I have no doubt you’re going to win that comp. Yes, missing a workout sucks, but it was just one-and your poor legs probably did need the rest. You’ll kill it this weekend!

    • Thank you! You’re probably right, a break here and there is good. I have to figure out the best muscle recovery plan/supplements. Do you have any suggestions for muscle recovery? I realize I should be taking more conscious steps to avoid muscle soreness, including stretching!


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