Macro Nutrient Plan

Hey Guys,

I just wanted to include the macro nutrient plan I plan on using in the future for maximum fat loss while maintaining lean muscle. I used a macro calculator, included my daily allotment of calories and did a little digging on the best ratio for my goals and came up with the following:

Daily Allotment of Calories: 1,800
Carb / Protein / Fat Ratio: 60%/25%/15%
5 Meals a Day
Grams per Day: 270 / 113 / 30
Grams per Meal: 54 / 23 / 6

This will definitely make meal planning a ‘blast’…. har har. Math is definitely NOT my strongest point. This means I will have to sign up for a myfitnesspal account so I can count my macros more accurately. Once I sign up, I will let you guys know my account name so you can get on my ass about staying within my limit!

I will begin this little ‘experiment’ next week and see how I do. Don’t worry, I’m gonna stuff my face for Thanksgiving, I’m not that much of a drag. I’m excited to see some results from this though! This will just be an experiment, I’ll tweak things here or there if the plan doesn’t work out for me.

If any of you guys out there have any suggestions for a macro plan, let me know! I’m always looking for advice from experts and people who have been competing in the field for some time. I’m about 5 2 weighing 120 pounds and am looking to shed fat and gain some lean muscle. My current plan might not include enough protein, but I haven’t tried it out yet, so we’ll see! Suggestions appreciated!

Have a great Monday ya’ll!

~Jess ♥


3 thoughts on “Macro Nutrient Plan

  1. Seems totally doable-I’ve done similar before. You’re inspirational-and something you just said struck a real chord with me. You’re in near competition shape as it is, and your current weight-that was my original goal. At my thinnest, I was briefly 119, although I think that lasted like a week. And honestly-you look fantastic. But I could not give the time that you give to your workouts and meal plans these days! So it seems I need to rethink my goals. It’s not that I don’t like a challenge; it just seems that maybe, possibly, I’m actually at my goal! Maybe this is where I need to be and my goal should be to really, truly be OK with that. Now, that all being said about me, I’m here to help YOU however I can! Once you get your fitness pal set up, add me and I’ll check on you from time to time for sure. 🙂

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