Taking it back a notch…

Holy cow I’ve been on a roll! I’ve just been going, going, going and getting waaaaay too ahead of myself in a sense. I hope I’m not obsessing too soon….

Last night I asked Derek what his opinion was on macro plans and what his trainer had him eating before his body building competition. He said, “Honestly, he let me eat whatever I wanted up until a month and a half before the competition. I started eating chicken, sweet potatoes, salad, and a Clif bar.”

He told me that I have plenty of time to prepare for the competition, and I shouldn’t be stressing out about it now. Yeah! The Emerald Cup isn’t until April 25th & 26th next year! I keep telling him and myself, “I know, I know, but I just wanna try things out now, find a diet that works for me so when the time rolls around it won’t be so hard, I have my plan and I can just do it, I’ll know what works for me.”

Then he broke it down to me, “You’re not going to be eating, it’s not going to be fun. You will be starving yourself. There’s no way you can even ‘eat healthy’ the day before or day of.” The sort of broke my spirit in a way, but that’s the honest cold hard truth about these competitions. I don’t want to sound vain or big headed, but I think I could very well get up on that stage right now after a spray tan and a few days of emptying my water weight. I’m pretty proud of my natural shape, and my goal is to enhance my natural shape and display it. I don’t want to change into a completely different person at all.

I’m really happy with where I’m at right now, over the years I have found a perfect balance between diet and exercise and I’m happy with the results. I’m a strong healthy individual, I’m proud of my muscle development, I’m so thankful that I can do almost anything with my body. I am truly blessed.

The women that won my categories for Emerald Cup and Ironman last year all had very different but very amazing bodies, and I’m really excited to compete with so many different people. I can’t wait to meet people that share my same interest!


Ironman 2013 Bikini Category B Top 5



Emerald Cup 2013 Bikini Category A Top 5


Bodybuilding is a tough sport, it’s not for everyone. It’s kind of scary and intimidating, but I think that’s part of the thrill. I work hard all year round 24/7, I want to show people that without changing who I am.




So I’m gonna take it back a few notches, enjoy myself, enjoy the holiday treats, and relax until I truly have to kick it into overdrive. The competition is 5 months a way, I know when I have to start. I will still be posting! You just might see less restrictive meal plans, and a hold on my macro postings.

~Jess ♠

2 thoughts on “Taking it back a notch…

  1. Thank you! I feel a lot better coming to the conclusion that I can relax, it’s 5 months out! I don’t want to hate this sport, I want to love it, rock at it, do it naturally, and gain life time experience and opportunities from this!

    Thanks for the support!


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