Body Image

Soooo, I’ve recently discovered PicMonkey photo editor and I’m a little obsessed! I saw Fitness 2 Business use a really cute design for her booty workout so I thought I would give it a shot. I heard great things about PicMonkey so I played around with it and came up with…..thursday final workout

Hope you guys like it! It’s my very first one, so we’ll see how crazy creative I can get! I was pretty proud of myself considering my artistic abilities are close to none.

Anyways, onto another topic that I wanted to discuss concerning body image. I have seen a lot of posts about body image lately and I wanted to spill my own opinion about the matter.

Too often I hear girls complaining about their weight or their problem areas. I get it, no one is gonna always be 100% happy with the way they look. Someone could tell you that they are, but I’m pretty sure they would be lying to you. We are our own worse critic, constantly judging ourselves. There is a healthy balance of self critique. Self critique could help us positively by creating healthier lifestyles, eating clean, caring about our body and the way it is engineered and taking care of it. Self critique can also have negative effects, to the point where people obsess and it can become very unhealthy for our mind AND our body.

I know girls who try literally everything in the book from gluten free, juice fasts, Advocare, Weight Watchers, and the list goes on and on. They truth is, every time you try a new crash diet, something that is temporary, your body will go into metabolic shock and hold onto any nutrients you put in it. Your body will store your food as fat for later, ya know, in case you decide to pull some sneaky move and starve it. You can read all the diet articles, tips, tricks, and advice you want and continue to stress out when you don’t see results. The amount of pure mental stress alone from crash diets and poor body image WILL take a toll on your body. Stress will pack on weight.

Girls need to learn to be happy with their bodies. Girls need to learn to appreciate their bodies and treat them with respect, everything else will fall into place. Once you learn to appreciate your body and love it for what it is, you’ll want to make a life style change. You’ll WANT to work out, and when you do, you’ll get addicted to the endorphin’s. You’ll crave good food, you’ll want to nourish your body properly! Quit stressing out about it. If you are that stressed, you’re more concerned with how other people than with how you see yourself.

My advice; my mom always told me…. “Go run around the block and then tell me how you feel.” Ya know what? I always felt better. Doesn’t matter if you can run without stopping, just get your heart rate up and keep going.

I seriously wished girls out there weren’t so hard on themselves. Love yourself a little, we’re freakin’ amazing creatures…..

~Jess ♥

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