Fitness Consultation

I’m very excited! I have a fitness consultation this Saturday at 11am at David Barton Gym with Natalie! I actually knew her from 24 Hour Fitness back when she worked Front Desk there and I worked out there. Right before I left 24 Hour Fitness to go to LA Fitness, she was working on earning her PT Certificate.

Ironman 2013 Bikini Cateogory Winner: Natalie Lo

Ironman 2013 Bikini Cateogory Winner: Natalie Lo

She is now a trainer at David Barton Gym and doing really well! She placed Top 5 for Ironman 2013 in the Bikini category, so I have a ton of questions for her! I also need my measurements taken and I need to find out what my Body Fat % is. She invited me to her legs class Saturday at 9am too, so I think I’m gonna take advantage of that! Yesterday was legs day for me, so I’ll be stretching plenty until then so I don’t embarrass myself!

Here are a couple questions I had for her:

1. What Bikini Category will I be competing in?
2. When should I begin strict dieting?
3. What is the best macro ratio for pre-comp prep?
4. Do the judges look for a specific weight/measurements for my height?
5. I want to focus on legs and booty, what are some great squat forms and how much weight/ how many reps should I be performing?
6. How do I find posing classes? Where did you find your competition suit/heels?
7. What is the best way to become a sponsored athlete?

I’m sure there are plenty more of questions! I will be brain storming until then! If any of you have any advice, it would be MUCH appreciated.

~Jess ♥

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