Lazyyyy Arse….

Welp, I was a lazy person today and decided to sleep in. My legs are killing me from yesterday! Sooooo to punish myself, I’m ramping up my workout for tomorrow (by the way, is it ‘work out’ or ‘workout’?). Sprints, shoulders, biceps, and triceps. *UUuuuughhhh* Shoulda’ just got out of bed this morning, I ended up getting a migraine from sleeping TOO much.

Anyways, I created a list of my favorite fitness and health tips that I try to live by and am practicing to create a life style:

1) Don’t skip your workout on Mondays! – I think starting your week off on the right foot is vital, and what better way than an awesome workout? Get your heart rate up, endorphins rushing, blood pumping and you’re on your way to an awesome week! Don’t skip Mondays….. ever.

2) Don’t take more than 2 days in a row off for rest!So far this week I’ve disobeyed tip 1 & 2….. However, taking more than 2 days in a row off for rest can create a bad habit. I know this past weekend for me, 1 day turned into 2, 2 days turned into 3, and before you know it, I had taken 4 days in a row off. That’s more than half a week! Don’t let yourself get stuck making excuses why you shouldn’t go to the gym! Just do it! Scheduling a taper week is understandable, but keep sweatin’!

3) Don’t limit your rest days to just the weekend – For about 3 years I ONLY worked out on the week days, never the weekends. Sometimes I would skip a few week days too (oooops!). I started working out on the weekends when I finally got a job that gave me weekends off. That opened a whole new world! I started working out on the weekends and loved it, gave me a great balance throughout the entire week. Before I used to feel so sluggish since I usually ate really unhealthy and didn’t get a lot of physical activity those 2 days. I’ve found a great balance, and I feel better physically and mentally.

4) Don’t ditch cardio, plyometrics, and body weight exercises for strictly weight lifting – I think it’s very important to have a good mixture of all of the above exercises. I feel my best when I incorporate them all AND I look my best too. I’ve heard so much debate about cardio vs. weight lifting, strictly doing one or the other. Both are awesome, both deliver results alone, but imagine the results when you do both! No brainer huh?

5) Don’t obsess over calories! – AHHHH! So many people stress about calories but don’t actually think about the macros in their food. Yes, counting and cutting calories can reduce weight, but make sure you’re doing it the proper way and getting all your nutrients. Don’t starve yourself! Be smart, eat clean, and make wise choices…. end of story.

6) Hydrate and drink green tea – Looking for an alternative to coffee? Drink green tea! I actually drink both, but I always feel a lot ‘cleaner’ when I drink green tea. I don’t know the actual weight loss benefit but I do feel ‘slimmer’ when I consistently drink it. Always stay hydrated! Drink as much water as you can. It helps the digestive system, keeps your skin clear, and keeps your body in tip top shape.

7) Don’t obsess over the scale – Honestly, I don’t care how much I weigh. In fact, I don’t know how much I weigh! Muscle weighs more than fat. If anything, I just care that I look good and I fit into my jeans and don’t have to buy new ones, cause ya know what?! I’m broke!

That’s what I got so far folks, hope you enjoyed the read! I might disappear for a few days, you’ll hear all about Saturday though when I get back!

~Jess ♥


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