Friday, whewww that went fast!

Holy cow this week went by insanely fast! Can’t believe another weekend is upon us, hell yeah!

Went to the gym this AM and kicked my ass for sleeping in yesterday. Did cardio, biceps, triceps, and shoulders… BAM, BAM, BAM! Feel like I’m getting stronger, but I want to be even STRONGER! Building muscle pretty quickly, but I think it’s time to switch up my workout and do some stuff I haven’t done in a LOOOONG while!

I’ve decided this upcoming week (next week, look at that planning!) I’m gonna lay off the weights and focus on abs, full body cardio and sculpting, as well as plyometrics. I haven’t trained abs in 2 weeks, can you believe it?! Surprisingly they have stayed intact, clean eating and core engagement during all workouts has helped.

I have some more great news! I stepped on the scale today and was pretty satisfied with weighing in at 118lbs. I try my best to stay off the scale. In the past 6 months I’ve probably stepped on it twice, and was happy both times. Right after my marathon training early October I decided to weigh in to see how much weight I shed from endurance training and was happy to see the answer was 5lbs! Today I weighed in at the same, which came as a surprise since I have incorporated a lot of weight training and feel like I’ve packed on a lot of muscle. Hmmmm, will have to lift heavier week after next.

Anywho, super excited about tomorrow! I have my fitness consultation with Natalie, can’t wait to get some questions off my chest and enjoy a free kick ass leg class. Tonight I have a Yogurtland date with my hubby, and tomorrow we’re shooting with a friend and having a pre-Thanksgiving feast. Lots of delicious plans ahead!

You’ll definitely see a decrease in my meal planning during the holidays, since I’ve decided to actually enjoy them. However, I mainly stick with the following foods and I’m really good about portion control and monitoring the frequency of my treat indulgence:

1) Eggs – scrambled and hard boiled

2) Oatmeal – throw in some blueberries, chia seeds, or protein powder, call it good!

3) Cottage Cheese 2% Trim- packed with tons of protein, great for muscle recovery, top it with cinnamon if you’re craving something sweet!

4) Apples & Bananas – ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away!’ I also love the energy I get from bananas

5) Protein powder! Hungry? Have a scoop to tide you over

6) Quinoa with ground turkey, corn, and black beans wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla- The whole wheat tortillas I get are only 100 calories, high in fiber, and looowww in carbs

7) Grilled Chicken Breast with brown rice – Protein and carbs, what else can I say?

8) COFFEE AND GREEN TEA! – Need a boost? Gotta love that caffeine

9) Greek Yogurt- I love ‘Greek God’s Honey Yogurt’. The ONLY Greek yogurt I enjoy. Throw some Chia seeds in for long lasting energy and 48% of your daily fiber

10) Salad- Can never go wrong here. Throw in lean meats such as chicken and fish, and try to get creative with the colors of vegetables you put on your plate. Some people steer clear of dressing, but I think fat is important to any diet too, MODERATION! I love my salads with sun flower seeds, gives it a hearty wholesome taste.

11) Nuts- Don’t eat too many! I didn’t realize how much fat and calories are in nuts until a few months ago, I had been eating Zip Lock bags of them! 10 almonds have 70 calories. Portion control!

12) Vegetables– Don’t forget your leafy greens! I always try to have a salad at lunch to get my greens in, but if I don’t, I always make sure to stock up on broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, beets, etc.

There you have it! This is what I typically eat day in and day out, but I won’t deny myself the occasional treat at work. Self control is key! Well, I hope you all enjoyed, have a spectacular weekend!

~Jess ♥

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