Great Weekend

Happy Sunday everybody, hope you all had an awesome weekend! We sure did over here. Plenty of food, friends, and laughs.

We had 5 of our friends over for a ‘Pre-Thanksgiving’ where we made clove studded honey glazed ham, garlic mashed potatoes, mashed yams with brown sugar, green bean casserole, spaghetti squash, and apple rum raisin pie. Of course there was plenty of delicious beer and wine, made for a great night. Absolutely amazing! I actually didn’t do anything except stud the ham, all the boys did everything else. I should have boys over more often to cook for me, haha!

My fitness consultation went really well yesterday! I’m even MORE excited than ever to do this competition now! Natalie did a great job answering all of my questions, but really emphasized having fun with the competition, listening to my intuition, and really making it my own. So many people out there will have their own beliefs and opinions, but it’s really up to me to stay grounded and make the decisions I feel are right for me. Everybody is different, reacts differently to certain diets and exercises, not one body is the same. So I’m going to try several different methods and find what works best for me.

I really loved that she never took any fat burners for her competitions, I feel like so many people are for them and will recommend them. I want to take care of my body and not put it through metabolic shock when I am finished with the competition. She is going to send me her comp diet so I can try it out and see what works for me. She recommended giving myself 8 weeks on a really clean restricted diet to flush out my water weight and shed some fat which I agree with. Her and I have similar body types where we have very small frames but can pack on muscle quickly. She flattered me and said I could compete now after flushing out my water weight! Definitely was a confidence booster.

I took her 9am legs class which was pretty killer. I really liked the amount of plyometrics, weights, and core engagement exercises that she added. I woke up this morning with achy muscles in my booty! I need to work on my coordination a little bit though, it was pretty fast paced! Afterwards we had a short work out where she analyzed my squat form, did several super set exercises targeting chest and back. We discovered that I put a lot of stress in my traps for chest and back exercises, that would explain my big traps! I need to work on shrugging my shoulders down and back, it made a HUGE difference yesterday, my back is sore! I never train chest out of fear for losing my boobies, so my chest performance was pretty weak. Need to work on that! Very lightly though, I gain muscle quick and would hate to fry my boobies out, haha! weeklyworkout

Very, very happy with the overall meeting, it was great. Encouraging, informative, and motivating! I even got a 2 week pass to David Barton, so hopefully I’ll run into her and be able to get my measurements. It’s not recommended to take measurements after a work out since your body is so pumped up. I ended up rewriting my weekly workout schedule so I can take advantage of the facility.

Tomorrow I will be working on chest, shoulders, and triceps. I’ve decided I won’t post the weight I use in my workouts since it’s inaccurate. Some times I can lift heavier, some times I over estimate my strength and can’t lift heavier. Depends on the day. Anywho, that’s my post of the day! Now I gotta go walk my puppy, she’s been cooped up all day. Have an awesome week everybody!

~Jess ♥


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