Monday Blues….

*Le siiiiigh* It’s been one of those Mondays guys. I always set such high expectations on Mondays, only to sleep in and get a migraine. I used to be so good about getting my ass out of bed on Mondays and taking the day on!

I’m going to blame it on the bed, and how warm I keep my room. It’s seriously so hard to get out of bed, but I just gotta do it! *Uuuuughhh* There’s next Monday…. we’ll do better next time.

Certainly doesn’t help that it’s dreary outside and it’s ‘that time’. I want to curl up in a ball and eat a Family Size bag of Pirates Booty…. to MYSELF. I was so motivated on Saturday…. then *FWAP!* Get hit in the face with a crazy train of hormones! Being a girl is tough business, and I’m sure I’m not the most pleasant to be around.

(Tuesday's original workout that I will be completing on Wednesday)

Tuesday’s original workout that I will be completing on Wednesday

My workouts will be behind a day, and I will have to workout on Sunday instead of taking a rest day. I will be posting my workouts the day they were intended for regardless, I will still complete them all. Maybe Mondays should be my rest days now, haha, seems to work out that way! DB


Tomorrow will be better, I’m excited to workout at David Barton for the next 2 weeks! I am going to message Natalie to find a good time to get my measurements. I’m thinking at the end of my 2 week trial, give myself time to shed some fat!

Next week I want to start doing my Zuzka videos again. I feel like her videos do a great job of creating lean sexy muscle with body weight exercises and cardio; a great alternative to steady boring cardio to begin my workouts. I stumbled across this video that I want to try out! There’s so many more of them too, she’s definitely one of my fitness role models. I want to achieve her body for off season.

Well, I’m going to go to bed early tonight to guarantee I’ll get out of bed in the mornin’! I just wanted to confess that I didn’t go to the gym today! G’nite fitfam! XOXO

~Jess ♥



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