Decisions, decisions…

*Le siiiiiiigh* I woke up this morning thinking it was Friday! BOOHOOOO! 2 more days?! IS THIS REAL LIIIFFFFE! 

Today definitely broke my back. Didn’t stop moving, literally… I worked late and JUST sat down to eat Turkey dinner and write a short blog.

O yeah, I didn’t tell everybody! I’m living off Turkey for the next few weeks! It’s Derek’s and my tradition to cook a turkey a week before Thanksgiving to feed us for a week. It’s a great story every year, because for some reason we forget that it takes a looooong time for the turkey to thaw. Of course we go all out and buy ourselves the 22 pounder for just us.

It started about 4 years ago when we first got together. We were so broke and could hardly afford to eat, so his mom suggested buying a turkey, cooking it up, and eating it all week. We thought this was a great idea! Little did we know it took DAYS to thaw! UGHH! We weren’t home to keep an eye on it either to butter it every hour, our schedules were different. We made it a party the following weekend and had a couple friends over and cooked it all night until about midnight. We feasted and passed out. Delicious times.

wild rice

Now we cook one ourselves every year and feast for weeks! I’d say that’s a great diet too, lean turkey meat, haha. We also make this amazing stuffing! I’ll include the recipe, it’s so good! It’s Wild Rice Sausage Stuffing. Make sure you use spicy Italian sausage too! The mushrooms soak up the flavor and create a hearty flavor with the wild rice. Mmmmm, you could even add chicken stock to add a little more flavor.

I have some good news! Well, kind of good news. At this point it’s just an idea until I go over finances.

In a recent post I mentioned that Tanji Johnson, Founder of ‘Save Fitness‘ reached out to me about joining her team for Emerald Cup. She sent me Membership Options and break downs I’ve been reading over and tossing ideas back and forth. I ALSO got in contact with a Membership Advisor at David Barton about Membership Pricing and Specials. Currently they are running a $21 initiation fee in celebration of their 21st Anniversary; opposed to the $400 fee. The deal runs until next Wednesday, November 27th.

Since I work for Microsoft, I would only pay an $89 monthly fee, opposed to the $109 monthly fee. I was looking for something less than the triple digits, so this is great news to me! I have to discuss with Derek this weekend though before I can finalize anything.

Here’s my dilemma though, I can’t join a team AND have fancy ass expensive new gym. I can’t afford both right now. So do I join a team with a renown athlete? Do I go with David Barton Gym who has clean, excellent equipment, and a great facility and classes? These are all just questions, I very well might not be able to have either.

Here’s my thought. Go with David Barton Gym, treat myself. The gym is my Zen, my Sanctuary, my home away from home where I blow steam. Once I compete in my first competition, I will have MORE opportunities offered and I won’t feel obligated to a team I joined before I started competing. I dunno guys, input and feedback would be GREAT! They both seem really awesome!

Well I gotta get some shut eye! Waking up bright and early for a date with the gym. Core, back, biceps, and cardiooooo! Seriously though guys, have any of you tried one of my workouts? That’s why I post them! G’nite ya’ll! XOXO



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