Is it FRIDAY yet?!?!

Holy crap, hi guys! Is it Friday yet!? I’ve been dragging ass this week, don’t know what’s wrong with me. Today should definitely be Friday, but it’s only Thursday. Closer than we were yesterday though!

Had a pretty good work out this morning, got my pump on, bicep vein came out to say hello. Smashed some cardio, core, biceps, and back. Still working on shrugging the shoulders down and back, staying out of my traps. It’s a lot tougher than I imagined! I’ve been doing it wrong for so long, no wonder I look so…. ‘thick’.

David Barton Gym, quick snap of shoulders. Check out that bicep vein!

David Barton Gym, quick snap of shoulders. Check out that bicep vein!

I’m very happy with my back and shoulder progression. I’ll try to take pictures tomorrow if I can remember! I have a crappy one for you. Sorry I haven’t posted many lately! I’ve been a little stressed out with hormones, work, and having a sick cat. I’m definitely not ‘all there.’ I’ve been stuffing my face with WAY too many pastries from work as well. Carbs? Sugar?! Don’t mind if I do! Gimme, gimme, GIMME! Well, not TOO many pastries. Yesterday I had their chocolate torte that tastes like Ferrero Rocher and today was Apple Crumble, mmmm. So good.

Tomorrow should prove to be a better day! Stoked about burning my legs and glutes. Work should be fairly slow as well, hopefully getting off early and having a drink! This week deserves a tipsy evening… hell, maybe a tipsy weekend.

I’m absolutely DREADING Saturday though, only for the fact that my husband Derek is training me. There will be swear words and temporary hurt feelings. Hopefully nothing too serious, haha! It will be nice to have a body shock, I’ve been lifting a lot lately, I want something new and refreshing.

I’m also proud to say that today was the first Thursday in what seems like a LOOONG time that I’ve actually gone to the gym! For some reason I tend to skip Mondays and Thursdays. I will typically go to the gym and workout Tuesday & Wednesday, skip Thursday, go Friday and it varies after that…. repeat. I wanted to change that though! I want my body to be in ‘burning fat, building muscle’ mode for more than 2 or 3 consecutive days. Tomorrow will mark 4 days in a ROW! *WOOO HOOO!* Then Saturday my hubby will kick my ass, and Sunday will be cardio. 6 days this week, let’s do it!

Feeling motivated all of a sudden…. I like this.

I’m already planning my workouts for next week to stay on track for Thanksgiving! Here’s a little sneak preview of the Weekly Workout Schedule, there MIGHT be changes:

Tentative Workout Schedule for Thanksgiving Week

Tentative Workout Schedule for Thanksgiving Week

I can’t believe NEXT weekend after Thanksgiving is the beginning of December! I need to go Christmas shopping! I don’t even know what to get people, the craziness is about to ensue! Christmas parties are coming up! There’s a work Christmas party December 6th and I want to plan another cooking night at my house like the one we had last weekend with a White Elephant gift exchange. I have to start brain storming menu ideas! If you guys have any ideas, let me know!

Although I’m super excited for the holiday treats and family time, I can’t wait till January 2014 to set my New Years Resolution! So many things I want to accomplish, big plans, big goals.

Anywho, g’nite fitfam! Have a wonderful night! Guess what? Tomorrow is ACTUALLY Friday too! XOXO



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