Welcoming the New Week

What a crazy weekend! It was awesome, full of wine, friends, laughter, and fun. We also accomplished a lot around the house and prepared for Christmas. We set up our Christmas lights on the tree, as well as on our backyard patio railing. 

Our 'all year round' Christmas tree getting it's lights

Our ‘all year round’ Christmas tree getting it’s lights

We also went to Value Village today and scored a snowy Christmas candle set with a snowman, trees, and a cottage. We also scored a gold container to hold our wood for the fireplace. We set out our ‘Merry Christmas’ welcome mat, our wooden snowman, and set up our stockings. We’re all ready to go! I realized this year we lose a week of Christmas preparation since Thanksgiving is so late in the month. 

Derek also kicked my ASS on Saturday morning!

Friday night we watched a movie and killed a bottle of wine together. We had to wake up at 6am to head out since I had a 9am hair appointment. Ughhhh… did NOT want to get out of bed! My head was POUNDING! I was surprised I made it through the workout! I did it though! My obliques are killing me right now. He showed me a lot of resistance training with the TRX and resistance bands. 

My favorite exercise would probably have to be the side plank with my feet strapped into the TRX, keeping my body aligned and balanced. He gave me a 6lb sand ball to hold perpendicular and slowly wrap under my body and bring back perpendicular. It was tough! He also had me in a plank position with my feet strapped in the TRX, do a crunch, pike, and side crunch on each side! KILLER!

I managed to perform the exercises pretty well for how badly my head hurt, I’d like to say he was pretty proud of me…… It was a great workout, definitely gave me ideas for this upcoming week. Going to be focusing on that core engagement and resistance training. I’ll be adding resistance bands for this weeks workouts. I have all my workouts written for the week, and I’m going to do them ALL! I skipped out on my workout today…. bad me, I know. Shouldn’t have drank so much wine and port last night! Derek’s client Fernando invited us over to his house on Lake Sammamish to celebrate his birthday. It was so much fun! Met a lot of really great people, enjoyed delicious Brazilian cuisine, amazing chocolate mousse and truffles, as well as drinks. It was really fun!

This week is going to be great! I only work Monday and Tuesday and have the next 5 days off! WOO HOO! Kaienna is spending Thanksgiving with us, we’re really excited to pick her up Wednesday night and have her for 5 days too. All of us will be spending Thanksgiving with my Great Grandparents in Bremerton. We’ll be spending the night there and enjoying time with family. Very excited! This will be my first Thanksgiving with my own relatives in about 4-5 years. It’s awesome being able to share this experience with Derek too, this is new for both of us. 

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving week! I can’t wait to hear all about them! I might be MIA this week, but I’ll be working out hard and eating my fair share of the holiday treats! G’nite everybody! Until next time…. XOXO

~Jess ♥

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