This week is FLYING!

Am I the only person who seems to think that this week has flown by so quickly? I can’t believe it’s Thursday! I thought that this week would DRAAAAAG since I had a 5 day weekend last week. I guess it’s just insanely busy at work. Either way, I’m super excited for the weekend. Big plans! Parties and weddings, this is the month to celebrate.

This morning I did a cardio, tricep, chest, and shoulder workout. Great workout, definitely feeling the pump in my upper body. Was a little bored with the lack of elevated heart rate and sweat. Maybe I need to lift heavier? Hmmmm. I feel like if I lift any heavier, I will definitely bulk up, and I’m not trying to compete Figure. I want that sexy, sleek, sender bikini bod! Don’t get me wrong, Figure chicks are hot too, but not what I’m going for. keyda

This is a relatively short post, I just wanted to touch bases with you and give you my workout for tomorrow. Tomorrow is LEG DAAAAAAY! We’re doing core, glutes, hamstrings, and quads. Hell yes! I woke up a lil’ sore from yesterday’s dead lifts, but I dropped the weight A LOT so I could perform well for tomorrow’s leg day. I love me some glutes and hammy workouts! I think hammies are one of my favorite body parts to train, I love the immediate pumped up definition I get! I wish they would stay like that though. Consistent training is KEY!

Well bye folks! Gotta get ready for the day, walk my dog, and finish my power point presentation at work! Have an awesome day, try my workout!

~Jess ♥

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