ZZZzzzz, I Slept Last Night!

Wow, I had the most amazing sleep last night…. it was incredible! I went to bed early, around 9:15pm after drinking copious amount of Celestial Sleepy Time Vanilla herbal tea. I had 3 bags worth before turning in and calling it a night. Boy did I pass out QUICK! I didn’t even wake up when Derek came to bed. Usually I can’t fall asleep until he’s in bed with me, but nooooo, not last night. This girl was sleepy! I even dreamed! celestialsleepytimne

I went to the gym after waiting in the FREEEEEZING cold for my bus for about 40 minutes! Ughhh, so cold. My first bus never showed up, so I had to wait for the next one. There must have been really bad ice at the terminal. I debated just turning around and going back home and doing an at home workout, but I decided against it, I needed to pay the gym a visit. The bus FINALLY came! My usual morning routine was a half hour behind. I stuck it out though and completed my workout! Boy did it feel good, miss that rigorous out of breath feeling, and weak jello legs!

Today I realized that I actually pump out some really intense workouts. I mean, I always knew I loved working out and worked out more than the average individual, but I go HARD! No wonder I’m still sore from last Wednesday’s leg day! I went all out! I thought my body just developed muscle really easily, but I just put it through the ringer. Kind of proud of myself a little bit! I tend to be really hard on myself, “Why aren’t you lifting heavier?”, “You should be doing more sets”, “You could be doing more reps”. I’m pretty bad ass. How’s that for an ego boost to one’s self? Haha!

I’m actually really excited to see the results of the bikini prep diet. Excited for the actual diet itself? Not so much. I’m definitely ready to watch some fat melt off! I need to start building a bigger and more solid booty too! I want that lifted shelf! I’m going to experiment with training booty twice a week, and incorporating booty exercises into my cardio as well (example: stair master single leg steps ups, elevated sprints etc.). I love my butt, but it needs some serious lifting in order to strut around in Brazilian bikini bottoms!


EEEEeeeeek, so excited for my new suit! Can’t wait to put that shit on, I’ll probably feel so embarrassed. It will be a reminder of all the hard work I need to do in order to win. I’m gonna be that annoying girl wearing high heels around the house practicing my model walk on the hard wood floor! Hope my neighbors don’t get pissed when they hear me stomping. O boy! I’m so nervous for the walk, I NEVER wear heels, they are so foreign to me! I’m gonna ace it. If I start walking around EVERYWHERE in heels now, then I should be good by April, right? I have to rally up my girls and start posing practice!

Tomorrow I have an upper body workout planned: cardio, shoulders, triceps, and chest. I’ve been incorporating resistance band training as well to keep my body guessing. I like the lean muscle fibers I get when I used resistance bands. I feel like strictly lifting tends to make me bulk up really quickly. I’m striving for that softer (don’t get me wrong, I want muscle too!), lean, feminine shape with big booty! I feel like I’m on my way to the perfect training plan! I need to practice consistency, exercise strong will power for the diet, and be conscious of my mental state and perspective. I know these competitions can be altering, I want to gain experience and learn from this while remaining pleasant ♥

This is going to be a strong week. I’m going to complete all my planned workouts, eat well, and splurge at the company Christmas party as well as my friend’s wedding on Saturday. Yep, that’s right, 2 cheat meals! Derek will actually be attending both of these events with me as well, so I get to show him off to co workers and friends.

Feeling really good, feeling really thankful…… ♥

~Jess ♥


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