Back from the Weekend

I’m back! Yup, I’ve been gone for 3 whole days straight, I think they may have been the longest I haven’t written. Not bad, not bad. Although, I’m not very proud of my decisions this weekend. My food decisions, OR my decisions to wake my ass on up and get out of the bed to go to the gym.

Shadoe and Whit's Wedding Cake & Dessert Table

Shadoe and Whit’s Wedding Cake & Dessert Table

I didn’t workout Saturday, Sunday, OR today! 3 days in a row! Damn, I’m FAILING! I decided that sleeping in was more important, and boy do I regret it! It definitely shortened my weekend and my time to accomplish everything that I wanted to. As far as food choices, this weekend we went to my company party on Friday night, so naturally there was alcohol, beer, and salty sugary snacks involved. Mmmm yum, we also enjoyed some Moonshine that my boss brought in, absolutely DELICIOUS! Tasted pretty amazing when you mixed FIreball and Pear Cider with it. On Saturday we went to my friend Shadoe and Whitney’s wedding at the Salish Lodge at the Snoqualmie Falls.

Shadoe and Whit saying their vows

Shadoe and Whit saying their vows

Their wedding was beautiful, very well done! I couldn’t help but cry during their vows and during their toasts. It was awesome to be a part of their special day, Shadoe is one of the sweetest girls I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with at the Marriott, and her wife Whit is awesome and hilarious. They are an absolute perfect match! It was a great night, and it was really fun to see all my old co workers from the Marriott, I miss them a lot.

We stayed at the wedding from 4pm to about 9pm, enjoyed some steak and shrimp, a couple drinks, and dessert and danced for a while. Afterwards, we went to the Snoqualmie Casino and played Roulette and won $40! We bought Mac n’ Jacks and talked about the sailboat we want to buy and went home to call it a night.

Marriott Co Workers

Marriott Co Workers

Sunday we played catch up and finished all the errands we were behind on. We took Keyda to Marymoor Dog Park, went to Michael’s to buy Christmas presents and stocking stuffers, and did all of our grocery shopping for the week. Christmas shopping took a few hours, so we were gone most of the day.


I was able to write my workouts for the week yesterday! This week I will finish ALL of them, AND plan my meals. I’ve tried not planning my meals, but it helps me so much more to plan them, so I have to think twice about what I’m eating when it’s not on the meal plan. This week I plan on working out Tuesday through Sunday, 6 days a week. I want more dramatic results. I am adding more cardio into my workouts as well, so I will be spending on average about 2 hours at the gym a day, possibly more. My goal is to do 45-60 minutes of cardio 4 days a week. I am also going to focus on glutes and legs 2-3 days a week.

While I’ve also had time to plan my workouts, I’ve also had time to reevaluate WHY I want to do this competition in the first place. I feel like I’ve drifted further and further away from the reason why I want to do this competition, I have gotten too caught up in the idea of winning and doing anything to win, including an Ann Cherry Latex Sport Girdle…. ha, ha. My husband teases me about it all the time. I even told myself the reason I want to win is to open up opportunities to a career that I’m passionate about. But to put all my hope into winning this competition for career purposes is stressful, and I shouldn’t depend on this solely for a new career.

I am doing this competition to focus on my passion for health and fitness, and to stand out from the crowd by doing something different. By not doing the norm and taking fat burners, starving myself, and using outward materials to make myself look better to win. I want to do this the healthy way, not to beat another girl, but to set a personal best for myself and show the judges a new package. I don’t want to become obsessive, I want this to be a hobby, I don’t want this to define me or my life.

I’m excited to re-enter my training plan with a fresh outlook on my goals and what motivates me to do this in the first place. Pumped for the results, and pumped for the mental perspective that’s going to propel me forward! XOXO….. stay tuned!

~Jess ♥

One thought on “Back from the Weekend

  1. It’s so awesome that you are completing your bikini prep the HEALTHY and NATURAL way! That is what I am trying to do, too! Very refreshing to see that you’re #1 priority isn’t to win, but to pursue something you love. Good for you! 🙂


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