Made it to the GYMMM!

Finally woke up and got my ass on out of bed and made it to the gym! Hell yeah! It felt AMAZING! I don’t know why it’s so hard to get out of bed to workout when I know how awesome it’s going to make me feel. It really helps set the mood for the day! Yesterday I was in the dumps, NOT feeling good, emotionally and physically. I’m hoping today is drastically different!

How I've been feeling for the past 4 days!

How I’ve been feeling for the past 4 days!

Today’s workout was cardio, core, and glutes. Definitely set my assets on fire! This week I am trying to add 45-60 minutes of cardio for 4 days. I will be increasing the days per week over time. When January rolls around, I will be doing 6 days a week, an hour of cardio a day! Woo hoo!

The cardio wasn’t so bad, I did about 50 minutes today. I can do it, it can just be BORING! I need to create a new running playlist, something upbeat, new and fresh! I’ve actually really been diggin’ the new Will.I.Am and Miley Cyrus ‘Feelin’ Myself’ song….. yes, I know. Slightly embarrassing, but I’ll grow a pair and admit it!

Good news! My competition shoes arrived! YAY! So excited! They actually aren’t that tall. I DO need to break them in though, they are pretty narrow. My goal is to wear them every day for at least an hour, just to stretch them out. January I’ll have to hit up some posing mates and get sassy with it! I can’t wait for my suit to come, it should take another 3-4 weeks. I better slim down so I don’t get depressed when I try it on, haha!

Well, I better shower and take Keyda for a walk, have a great hump day everybody!

~Jess ♥

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