Zuzka Day

Wow! 3 blog posts today, cray cray!

Well, turns out we will probably be experiencing another late evening at the EBC, SO I’ve decided NOT to go to the gym, but instead, I’m going to do my Zuzka videos at home. I have watched a handful to pick out some great ones as an alternative to todays workout. My focus today is on cardio, core, and GLUTES! The great thing about Zuzka is that her workouts incorporate body weight exercises to challenge ALL body parts. The way she writes her workouts are awesome! You don’t even realize that you’re doing 200 squats or jump lunges!

So when I get home I’m going to change into my workout clothes (I actually brought them with me to work to go to the gym afterwards, so I’ll change here). I’m going to warm up with 2 minutes of jump rope, then I’m going to do a quick 5 minute core video:

After that warm up I’m going to dive into her ZWOW #96 which focuses on the whole body but mainly cardio and core. After THAT I will do ZWOW #86 (which I’m afraid of quite frankly) which focuses mainly on core and GLUTES! ZWOW #86 secretly has you doing 200 mini sumo squats! My ass is gonna BURN! That’s the point though, I’m excited.

I’ll let you know how it goes! Can’t wait to do her videos! I honestly find her videos way more exciting, fun, and motivating to do than going to the gym to repetitively lift. Maybe that will change though after I check out Iron Works this weekend!

Anyways, I just wanted to touch base to say YES I am working out, it’s going to be a tough one since I’m doing high intensity full body exercises for about 45 minutes to an hour straight. I have stuck to my meal plan completely like planned. I have a banana, protein shake, and ground turkey quinoa whole wheat wrap to eat before the day is over.

Goodnight guys! Hope you all have a great Tuesday evening!

~Jess ♥





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