Reached My Goals this Week!

Yessss! I reached my goals this week, so happy! I still have to go on my hour-long outdoor run with Derek when he gets back from training his client today.

I didn’t eat terribly either. I know I have been gone the past few days so I haven’t had a chance to write my daily meal plans. My cheat meal was home-made pizza last night AND cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Ha, I guess it was more like a cheat day. I had strong will power at work all week, I allowed myself very minimal sweets, close to none.

Christmas Sugar Cookies from a few years ago at the Frank household

Christmas Sugar Cookies from a few years ago at the Frank household

Next week will be much tougher with Christmas! Derek’s mom LOVES making us treats and goodies! His Dad LOVES pumpkin pie too. You can bet Wednesday will be filled with cookies, stocking stuffer candy, prime rib, decorated sugar cookies, and so much more! I won’t be denying all of it either! I will do my best to eat “healthy” during the rest of the week though.

I GOT MY SUUUUUUIT as you can tellll! So excited, it looks great on too! I can’t wait to get my tan on and LIFT my booty! I’ve actually been debating doing a competition SOONER since I think I’m pretty close to competition shape. April 25th & 26th seems so far away! I can imagine for any competition you’re itching for it to come quicker though. I just really want to get started on dieting and shedding the fat and water weight around my muscles.

I tend to pack on muscle REALLY easily on my upper body, Derek says I need to focus on lifting less weight on top and maintaining my current muscle. I need to start adding more cardio to shed fat down below and tighten up the thighs, legs, and butt. So I’m really excited that we’re going on a run today! The dreadmill is KILLING me! I miss outdoor runs, they seem so much shorter, I can run further and longer, and they are rejuvenating. Running indoors is depressing……

I haven’t checked out the Iron Works gym yet! I called them yesterday to ask if they do free trials for potential members and they said they only do one day free trials. I want to go in Monday morning at 5am when I would usually go to see how busy it is at that time. So that will be tomorrow! Tomorrow I think I’m going to focus on core and BOOTY! I’ve been experimenting in the squat rack and I think I’m ready to squat my own weight. I’m such a newbie in the squat rack, so when I came home Friday and bragged that I squatted 90lbs Derek laughed at me. Ha, I’m laughing at myself now, considering I squatted HIM last night. Yup, I straight picked him up and squatted him once. Not very low, but I went down and came back up!

I’m going to get myself on a tanning schedule as well, I re-instated my Seattle Sun Tan package but have only gone twice since Thanksgiving! I’ll have to go twice this upcoming week, AT LEAST.

Aggghhh, I’m so excited! I can’t wait to start posing. I’ve been practicing this morning in between paragraphs. I’ve included a couple videos I’ve been going off of:

Well, I better get ready for my morning run with the hubby! Wish me luck, hope I don’t DIE. I haven’t ran outdoors since October, OUCH! Bye guysssss!

~Jess ♥

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