Happy New Year’s Eve!

*Whewww* I’m pretty damn excited to be wrapping up 2013. So much has happened this year, good AND bad, I’m so ready to get a head start on making 2014 awesome. This past year has been filled with plenty of trials and challenges, life lessons have been learned, and I feel like I have more life experience under my belt to tackle the many challenges that are bound to come my way this upcoming year. I have learned the following:

1) Don’t get ahead of yourself when you get a new job that pays you better. Chances are some crazy shit’s gonna happen that will eat all that extra money up….. be frugal and wise.

2) Don’t rent a duplex from anyone, especially if the Landlord lives above you! Do not sign the lease if it’s a thousand pages long…. chances are the Landlord is an overbearing nut job and living there will give you a headache.

3) Don’t let the vet rip you off….. end of story. They are effin’ SCAM artists! Goodbye savings…. hello bills.

4) Stop drinking so much damn water when you have to sit at a customer facing desk all day at work! One potty break is fine…. but 5?! Seriously?!

5) Stop eating the Beechers Cheddar and Wild Rice Soup in the cafeteria, it will make you sick every time.

6) Avoid the ‘dreadmill’ at all costs. Run outside if you have to, you know how awesome you feel afterwards.

7) Tell your husband you love him everyday, and show him how much you appreciate everything he does. Thank him for cooking dinner for you, working hard at two jobs, going to school full-time, treating you like a princess, and being an awesome Daddy.

8) Count your blessings every day, and be thankful for the lessons learned from hardship.

9) Don’t sweat the small stuff. Take a step back, look at the bigger picture, and breathe. If there’s one thing you can control, it’s your emotions. Don’t give anyone or anything the pleasure of making you feel less or upset. ME2

10) Learn to live in the moment, don’t take shit from anyone, and do what makes you happy.

This year is gonna be full of accomplishments. I can feel it.

~Jess ♥

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