White vs Brown Rice

Sooooo Derek asked me yesterday what was better, white rice or brown rice? I told him I actually didn’t know! I’ve heard that brown rice is better, I’ve heard that there is no difference and they are exactly the same. I personally choose to eat brown rice because I believe it to be healthier and I like the wholesome taste. Why is it healthier? I’m not entirely sure, other than the fact that it remains unbleached by chemicals. I decided to do a little digging and found an article from LIVESTRONG.COM that I found to be informative and interesting.

If you take a look at the article you will notice the differences in calories, macronutrients, and fiber content. Brown rice has less calories and carbs, but contains more fiber, protein, and healthy fats. If you know anything about me, I LOVE fiber! The amount of fiber and nutrients found in brown rice also lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Brown rice also naturally contains higher magnesium and zinc content. Magnesium is extremely beneficial for bone health and helps us derive energy from the food we eat.

After the enrichment process, white rice will contain a similarly equal amount of the following vitamins as brown rice: thiamin, riboflavin, and niacin. The only exception is folate. 1 cup of white rice contains 108 micrograms of folate, whereas 1 cup of brown rice contains only 8 micrograms of folate. Folate assists in the prevention of ‘neural tube defects’ during pregnancy.

I also found that white rice is in fact brown rice after the ‘milling’ process. The bran on the outside of brown rice is brown in color and acts as a protective layer of the rice to defend itself from outside predators and weather. I like to compare eating brown rice to eating an apple with it’s skin, all the nutrients are in the skin, the outer layer.

Pretty cool findings! I also learned that I should be storing my brown rice in the fridge to extend the shelf life since brown rice has a higher fat content. Hmmmm, good to know for the next bag, however I buy the large Costco sized bags.

Anywho, hope everyone learned a little fun fact today! Hope nobodies heads are spinning out of control from the New Year’s Eve festivities last night. My stomach is a lil’ nauseous and I’m supposed to go on a run with Derek and our other 2 guy friends in an hour….. not excited. Maybe I can weasel my way outta’ this one 😉

Till next time guys!

~Jess ♥

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