January 2nd, Gym Madness Officially Begins

Happy Thursday, it’s January 2nd, let the gym madness begin! May the odds be ever in your favor!

This morning wasn’t so bad actually. I woke up at 4am to get ready for the gym, packed up my belongings and had a smoothie for breakfast. I took the bus to the gym and got there at 5am. Nobody new! All the 5am regular gym attendees. I had the Zumba room to myself for my jump rope warm up and my own squat rack that I didn’t have to work in with anyone. So giddy! Derek pointed out a few days ago that people would NOT be waking up at the ass crack of dawn for their New Years Gym Resolutions, especially the ones that will drop the habit in a month. Lucky me, he was right!

Today’s focus was an hour and a half of core and booty. I had to take a shower at the gym to head out directly to work since my schedule has been altered to 8:30am to 5:00pm. The ladies locker room started filling up around 7:00am, glad I got in and out! I honestly don’t think I will be affected by the ‘Resolutioners’ this year!

I remember 2 years ago when I was working at the 24 Hour Fitness Super Sport, I decided to go to the gym during the first week of January. I thought it would be a great idea! This gym was HUGE and super nice. Seriously though….. when I walked in, it was a sea of people! Not one single machine was available, the weights I wanted to use were in use, the functional fitness area was much too crowded…. I walked back home, wasn’t gonna bother with any of that shit.

I definitely have mixed feelings about the topic. I have seen a lot of bashing out there, and I’ve seen a lot of support for the New Years Resolution gym goers. Here’s my opinion, and I have stated it before:

You shouldn’t wait for a specific day to make the decision to improve your health and lifestyle. You should ALWAYS be striving to improve who you are, you should be setting goals for yourself every day. If you DO decide to wait for the first day of the upcoming year, don’t just set a goal, set up an accountability program so you stick with it! Tell your friends and family, have them support you every step of the way! Sometimes your own will power is not enough. Like I always say, create healthy habits for a life time, it’s a lifestyle, not a temporary fix.

I want to promote and encourage people to change their lifestyle, but I also understand the frustrations of the avid gym goer. It can be frustrating to experience an overcrowded gym at the beginning of the New Year, especially when you see year after year people dropping their resolutions by the end of January. The gym is my time to meditate. I would hate to arrive at the gym after a long hard day at work, to an over crowded gym with people using machines incorrectly, working out with poor form, sitting a the squat rack texting, or girls just using up space talking to their girlfriends, twirling their hair with a full face of make up.

If working out and eating healthy for 2014 is your resolution, create a list of WHY you want to make these changes so they motivate you every day. Create an accountability plan and support system to keep you going all year round! Tell as many people as you know, create a blog, keep a journal, do whatever you need to make being healthy a lifestyle change. Register for a race or a competition so you HAVE to train for it! You aren’t just gonna waste $100 on a race you won’t compete in right?

Do what it takes. You won’t see results if you don’t put in the work. BOOM.

With that being said, I’m gonna finish writing my workouts for the remainder of the week. Putting in the work also means putting in the work to prepare. Have a plan, write your workouts, prep your meals, and set yourself up for success!

~Jess ā™„

2 thoughts on “January 2nd, Gym Madness Officially Begins

  1. You’ve got it right! As an instructor, it’s fun seeing new faces in my classes, but it is a tad disappointing when they don’t stick around past January. And as a participant, they’re taking up valuable real estate in my gym!

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