Video Motivation

Flex Friday and I’m YouTube creepin’ on my role models for inspiration!

Had a serious conversation with my hubby last night about my competition coming up and how I really need to crack down on an intense training program that keeps my body guessing and creates a lean body. Lifting things and putting them down ain’t gonna cut it! Time to throw in more plyo’s, more cardio, and super-setting with exercises that will challenge my body err’ freakin’ day! I also need to stop eating all the CRAP in my house. We agreed to go on a diet together, so it’ll be awesome to have a partner with me the whole way, supporting me and keeping me on track. Love that guy.

Anywho, today is my cardio day, so I’m switching it up with Zuzka’s ZWOW #100, she writes a TOUGH one too, intimidated and excited to try it when I get home tonight! I included the WHOLE video, so you guys can actually do it at home tonight too. No equipment required, just a small space and your bod:

If I’m feeling brave, I’ll do it TWICE and incorporate some Resistance Band training:

I also need to practice my bikini posing. I found a video of Amanda Latona that I want to emulate for my posing. She is AMAZING! Her routine is the first full routine in the video. I worship her booty and strive to have nice round glutes like her, so it only seems right to do her poses:

This weekend I plan on creating my macronutrient plan for contest prep! I included a rough draft up top with my calorie deficit and macro ratios. THIS IS JUST A ROUGH DRAFT! I’m gonna fiddle around with myfitnesspal to come up with a few daily meal plans. It looks really…. scarce in food, haha. That’s part of the territory though, this is the trial period! Definitely add me and hold me accountable! My username is: jessicarosef


Stick around for next week’s workouts, they should be posted this weekend. Derek is helping me re-write and change the structure of my workouts to create lean tissue and really shed the fat while adding cardio. I really need to shock the muscles and lean out! Keep the body guessing!

Welp, have a great weekend folks, add me on myfitnesspal and tell me to put that cookie down!

~Jess ♥


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