Is This a Selfish Sport?

I had time to really meditate today during my workout session today. So many thoughts race through my head all day, I really wish I had a keyboard underneath my fingers while they run their course. I didn’t have a keyboard though, so we’ll see if I hit the nail on the head.

Is this a selfish sport? Is bodybuilding, being obsessed with your outwardly appearance narcissistic and selfish? Doing absolutely anything at any cost to look the best, to have the lowest percentage of body fat, the leanest muscle fibers, and the roundest, fullest booty? Taking fat burners, steroids, getting boob jobs, HELL, getting FACE jobs!? I’m sure it doesn’t stop there either. Stuffing your face hole to bulk and feed your muscles, then starving yourself for months, becoming weak and emaciated all for a plastic trophy and a tiara? Turning down offers with your friends to go out because you can’t drink or eat anything at the restaurant, or your training requires you to do two-a-days. Maybe you’re just tired and cranky cause you barely put enough nutrients in your body for the amount of calories you burn.

It really sounds like hell to me! It’s all for looks.

I choose to do it anyways. Why? Really take a step back and assess WHY you are doing this Jessica.

Sometimes I feel like I lose sight of the ‘why’ and leap head first into the work, the diet, the training, the goals, mentally tearing apart my body, taking notes of how much weight I need to lose, how many inches my waist should be, how lifted my butt should be, worrying if my boobs are gonna shrink and so on and so forth. I worry that I won’t have the edge on other girls because I won’t be taking fat burners. Should I be taking fat burners? Are there any ‘healthy’ fat burners? Should I have body wraps, cellulite cream, and latex sports girdles?!?!

Driving myself fucking CRAZY over here!

No. The reason I’m doing this is because I want to do the hard work and I want to do it the healthy way. I have a love and passion for health and fitness, and I want to show the world how hard I work 24/7 all day every day, all year round, not just for a ‘season’. There is no ‘time off’ or ‘off season’. Being healthy, feeding your body right, training your body to push the limits, and having a bangin’ physique is an all year round job. It would be an honor to earn a trophy for all the right reasons, but if I don’t, no big deal, I’m not going to ‘quit’ being a healthy person. It seems so contradictory to abuse your body when bodybuilding is supposed to show off the perfect physique with proper nutrition and exercise, not crash diets that put you through metabolic shock and leave you so emaciated you treat everyone around you like crap.

All in all, YES, this CAN be an extremely vain, selfish, and narcissistic sport. Not everybody has to play that way.

I am going to make a commitment to myself and to my friends and family who support me:

“I will NOT let this sport consume me, turning me into some body that I’m not. I will work hard and play hard, I will be healthy, I will not starve myself, and I will not abuse my body. I will be thankful for my friends and family and I will not blow them off or mistreat them because of my mood. I will never say ‘I’m hungry’ even if I am, and I won’t complain. If I have nothing pleasant to say, then I will be silent. I will play the game fair, and bring something new to the table. I will create a new type of competitor.”

This is my mantra, and I will read it everyday, set it as my intention for every training session and every meal. The mental boundaries are about to get tested…

~Jess ♥

6 thoughts on “Is This a Selfish Sport?

  1. Wow! This is a great article! I’m glad other people recognize the unnatural ness that has infected the fitness realm. It’s sad to see people excited about synthetic supplements, legal stimulants, and glorifying anerexia. Keep it up and set a new standard of athlete, be an example for the future people interested. You got this.

    • Thank you! I appreciate the support 🙂 I’m gonna do this au natural, and if the judges don’t see how much better a healthy body looks, then this sport isn’t for me. I rather pursue functional fitness, and sports that allow me to perform my best!


    • Thank you so much! I totally believe in au naturale, I want to maintain my comp body the best of my ability 365 days of the year, but I also don’t want to lose so much weight that I am far away from my natural shape! Excited to follow your journey too.

      Btw, HOW did you firm up your back side? I’m trying to get rid of my booty crease!


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