Mental Wellbeing

Happy Hump Day, hope everyone is having a great week!

I’m feeling pretty good over here, great energy, vibin’, definitely a drastic mood change from yesterday. Yesterday I was feelin’ pretty shitty. Low energy, bad mood, borderline depressed for no apparent reason.

This morning I woke up bright and early for my ‘endurance’ day in Derek’s training plan for me. I ran to the gym, about a mile and a half in 14 minutes. Love the roads at 4:45am! No commercial trucks, no cars, I can run through all the stop lights, it’s great! Once I got to the gym I strapped into a spin bike for a short 25 minute workout. Man, those seats really know how to numb EVERYTHING down there….. OUCH! I had to alternate between being seated and being elevated. When I was elevated I would crank up the resistance. After a 5 minute warm up, I alternated by the minute. Love the BURN in my glutes! Tryna’ lift those babies UP! After my short cycling session I swam for 45 minutes doing the workout Derek gave me. I wrote his workout on my arm in Sharpie this morning so I wouldn’t forget! Felt pretty freakin’ euphoric! Why do I only swim laps once a year?! Miss that shit! I love that dizzy out of breathe feeling too….. means it’s workin’. I’m pretty sure tomorrow I’ll be sore.

Last night I started reading Osho. I am aiming to read a chapter a day so I can really digest the content. I had to re-read a lot of sentences and paragraphs last night, now I’m thinking I might want to read a chapter over a course of 2 days. I believe reading a chapter twice will really help me understand the material.

I’m really excited to read the rest of this book! This book is a commentary by Osho on the 7 Sutras of the Buddhist teacher Atisha. Atisha was one of the greatest mystics who was a disciple of the 3 greatest mystics of his time. He is the only one to be taught by 3 mystics, 3 of which were masters of different paths. The first mystic (I don’t remember the names, and if I did, I would butcher the spelling, sorry) taught him how to completely empty his mind.  The second mystic taught him compassion, and the third mystic taught him active love.

Mind you, I’m just giving you guys the cliff notes, there’s no way I can explain well enough to give this book justice! Anyways, the 7 Sutras of Atisha upon completing his discipleship with these 3 great mystics are the following:

“First, learn the preliminaries.
Think that all phenomena are like dreams.

Examine the nature of unborn awareness
Let even the remedy itself go free on its own.

Settle in the nature of basic cognition, the essence.
Between sessions, consider phenomena as phantoms.

Train in joining, sending and taking together.
Do this by riding the breath.

Three objects, three poisons, three bases of virtue.
Train with phrases in every mode of behavior.”

I can’t even BEGIN diving into translating these sutras, but they are so meaningful and so deep, and truly liberating to dwell on.

I included a brief snippet at the top of this post that really spoke to me. I think it’s very interesting when he points out the so-called ‘positive Western thinkers’ theory to pour OUT your misery and drink up positivity and happiness. Now that I think about it, it does sound completely selfish to do so! I want to practice this in my daily life, drinking IN the misery and sorrow of the world, transforming it with my heart, and pouring out bliss and energy.

I can tell that this book is going to be really great, and I can’t wait to dive deeper! I highly recommend it so far, and I’m only on Chapter 1. You can actually go to and sign up for a free account where you can read this book for free, along with other books and commentaries written by him.

I’m sorry I couldn’t interpret any better, but Osho does an EXCELLENT job translating Atisha’s 7 sutra’s. Check it out and let’s compare notes 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your day err’body, until next time……..

~Jess ♥


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