Gym Peeves

Alright, here it is.

I’m writing a post about my biggest gym peeves. I usually try to refrain from ‘complaining’ or putting people on blast…. but after 4 years of being an avid ‘gym-goer’, I feel I have the right to share my annoyances:

For starters:

1) To all the people who pick their zits in front of the weight rack mirrors – STAHP IT! #1 It’s freakin’ NASTY! Don’t you know you’re only making it worse? #2 Nobody wants to see that shit….

2) To all the people who do bodyweight exercises or stretching in front of the squat racks…. take that shit to the stretching mats, that’s what they’re there for!

3) To all the people LAYING half your body on the stair master – Wonder why you’re not seeing results after hours spent on that thing? Maybe cause you’re not actually doing anything…. you’re laying on it. Go back to bed.

4) To all the girls doing oblique dips with 25lb plates – That’s NOT going to slim up your waist. Are you trying to look like a box? My guess is ‘no’ if you’re at the gym at 5am with a full face of make-up.

5) To the Janitors and Employee’s of L.A Fitness – Clean shit, and re-rack shit before you go home at night. I expect a SPARLKIN’ gym at 5am. I’m the first person there, I shouldn’t spend 15 minutes taking 8 45lb plates off the squat rack!

6) To the Employee’s IN GENERAL of L.A Fitness – Be more educated. Be on time to open the gym at 5am.

7) To the people who feel they don’t need to wash their gym clothes for a week – Just because you can’t smell your own stench, doesn’t mean that everyone else doesn’t smell your stench. Downy…. make that shit your best friend.

8) To all the tool bags who stare at my ass while I’m doing dead lifts – EFFING STOP IT!

9) To all the people who are at the gym to text – GO HOME.

10) To all the girls workin’ out with their long hurrrr down – You’re not really working out, and chances are, you JUST applied that mascara. O, and your lips are injected, and your boobs….


That’s the short list. I’m sure there are many, many, MANY more that will come to mind the second I press ‘Publish’. If you are any of these people….. take heed. There are people like me out there that look at you like you’re crazy. But hey! I’m sure people think I’m a mean, glaring bitch who thinks they own the place…. to each’s own!

~Jess ♥

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