Long or Short Hair?

Long or short hair? That is the question. I am debating just chopping it off, but I also want to give it the chance to grow and be pretty! I’m a low maintenance gal, short hair suits my lifestyle and personality well. Then again, it takes two seconds to throw up in a pony tail or messy bun. I’ve had short hair for over a year now and I want something different!

Also, I’m trying to guestimate how long my hair will be by the end of April. I feel like having longer hair, or at least an A-line bob will bring femininity to my bikini package. Any opinions?! I also think I’m going to go darker very soon, my blonde is becoming brassy, and I think darker is sexier and more natural anyhow.

Anyways, I finished my work early and I’m waiting to run home! Debating making my run 5 miles, or cutting it short and going only about 3.5. It’s going to be FREEZING and I’m off an hour later than last week. I better just suck it up and do it, I’ll warm up.

Exciting news! Tomorrow I have my Annual Review at work! I’m hoping I did amazing work all year round and get an awesome raise! I’m hoping for about a 5% increase, I have a lot of projects and Business Improvements to back me up. Not to mention….. I interviewed for a promotion and it was actually offered to me! It was very difficult deciding what I should do, but after making a list of pros and cons, talking to Derek and my manager, I decided the best option would be to wait for a full time position to open up with the Coordinator Team (team above mine). The offer was a 6 month contract, part time with the potential to become full time and a permanent role. Unfortunately I couldn’t take the risk, but it’s great knowing my managers acknowledge my hard work and have faith that I could create a new role. Ego boost for sure! I needed one too!

This week I’m gonna kick my ass, booty and legs incorporated into EVERY day. Yesterday I did 3 Zuzka videos at home, whewwww! She kicked my ASS! Jump squats, switch lunges, dive bombers, burpees etc…. definitely felt the burn! Her workouts are full body, but I love the focus they have on legs, and I love the results I get from her videos. Running definitely compliments her workouts as well, my legs and butt should shrink up in no time as long as I am CONSISTENT! Consistency has been hard for me lately.Β I NEED TO WORKOUT EVERY DAY! NO DAYS OFF! Last week I took 2 days off, can’t do that anymore. IDOL2

I have been mastering my cravings though, and I am more adjusted to my diet. Gum was the dumbest idea ever, flavored gum only makes me want to EAT something sugary. I want the satisfaction or chew, texture, and swallow. I am beginning to find cooking enjoyable! Last night I made spicy garlic chicken breasts in the crockpot, steamed broccoli with garlic and pepper for the week, finally made Turkey Muffins which are AMAZING, and I even made the Blueberry Yogurt Bites. So delicious! Tonight I am going to bake some sweet potatoes to have with my chicken and broccoli. Is it weird that I’m so excited?! Apples and peanut butter are like dessert for me too!

Well, I better wrap it and mentally prepare for this run home! Mmmmm and the delicious dinner waiting for me when I get there……



6 thoughts on “Long or Short Hair?

  1. I vote short hair, it does suit you and it does have a funky feminine side to it! And kudos on the promotion offer πŸ™‚

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