All Sorts of Giddy!

I’ve been in an EXTREMELY good mood today! Freakin’ stoked about life right now!

I had my Annual Review with my manager today and guess what?! This bitch got a raaaaaaise! Extra moola for me to put in the bank for the next vacation, which we’re thinking Puerto Rico. My manager gave me so much positive feedback, I’ve been absolutely beaming all day. I’m a pretty damn good employee it turns out!

Also, I finally can share a little piece of where I work with you. I have been working at the Executive Briefing Center for a year now, and not even my husband has stepped foot inside the building. It’s a very high-profile, high security building that holds briefings with Microsoft’s top partners and clients to update them on new software, their vision, and implements topics that can benefit their clients. We deal with a huge array of industries such as: Public Sector (Health, Government, Education), Discrete Manufacturing, Banking, Insurance, Hospitality, Professional Services, etc. We recently made a new video after our EBC 2013 Refresh, have a peek!

My role is the Briefing Services Coordinator. We are the support team that handles formatting agendas, email communications with other teams in the EBC, generating logistical support, setting briefing rooms according to EBC standards, and delivering high level customer service to our clients and their customers. We’re pretty shnazzy folk. I’m glad I can finally show off my workplace!

It’s been a pretty rough year working here. Plenty of employee turn overs, stress, process changes, escalations, the EBC Refresh was a nightmare at times since we had to host briefings in another building which meant carting support back and forth every night, training new hires, becoming the Senior Closing Team Member in such a short amount of time, many late nights at work and the list goes so on.

This upcoming year I have high hopes for LESS stress. Although my BIGGEST pet peeve is getting out late, I know it’s inevitable with this shift. We don’t get to leave right at 7:30pm every night, we leave when the job is done and the building is empty. I’m going to try to relax this year and not let it bother me when we get out late. I’ve been running home after work lately and damn does it feel good! I seriously want to make a habit of it, it certainly puts me in a better mood and let’s me just relax my mind. BUDDHA

I can’t control everything! I never will either. I CAN control my emotions though and how I let outside variables effect me. So here’s to another year, hopefully a much more relaxing year filled with goals, accomplishments, great memories, and challenges too of course.

Feelin’ good about this one guys.

On another note, I had an excellent workout this morning that may have attributed to my great mood today as well! I did the ‘Derek Formula’ with heavy lifting and full body exercises. I increased my weight for Dead Lifts and did drop sets. OUCH! Definitely tough to do the uphill cardio intervals, especially since I ran 6 miles last night, AND did 3 leg focused Zuzka videos on Sunday night. BURNING FOR DAYS! I’m actually relieved to be running to the gym, spin biking, and swimming. This weekend I have another training session with Derek and he will be modifying my training plan for next week. We’ll see what the Master has up his sleeve! Side note: My face has cleared up considerably with consistent exercise and this new diet…. super happy to kiss some zits goodbye… KNOCK ON WOOD! *Knock* *Knock*

I want to celebrate my raise this weekend and enjoy a cheat meal, but haven’t decided what to do yet. Any ideas? I have been debating going to the new ‘Cinebarre’ in Issaquah for a movie, maybe even go to the ‘Ipic’ in Redmond Town Center. If you have any ideas, shoot ’em at me! Until next time!


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