Takin’ it Eaaasssssyyyy

Short Post:

It’s been a pretty crazy week, which is all well and good.

Tons of great news, progress has been made, and I’m feelin’ pretty amped at the rate I am moving at.

Sooooo I’m treating myself AND my husband. I asked him out today…. and he said YES! I’m taking him on a date tomorrow, I’m pretty stoked about it. Sadly, in the nearly 4 years we’ve been together, I have never really taken him on a surprise date. Our dates have either been his surprise, or pretty mutual, like “Yeah… we should definitely go out.”


Tomorrow is special, and I have all sorts of cool things planned out. Can’t ruin the surprise, you’re just gonna have to hear about it afterwards! Tomorrow will also be a cheat DAY for me, not cheat MEAL….. *GASP*! I have earned it, plus I’m pretty sad my boobs are disappearing. At the rate I’m losing weight and leaning out, I could bulk and lean out twice, maybe thrice by Emerald Cup. So you know what? I’m gonna indulge!

I didn’t workout this morning, oooops. My legs are so tight from murkin’ them in the gym and running home long distances (well longer than 3 miles). Super tight! Plus I know Derek is gonna KILL me tomorrow! I plan on doing a short 2.5 mile run to Safeway to pick up a couple ‘date items’ for tomorrow.

Excited for the weekend, so excited…..



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