13 Weeks Out – Dumpy Mood Sunday

*Le siiiiiiigh* I’ve been in a dumpy mood today. Definitely rode out last weeks high…. feeling zapped and really beating myself up.

Today I had plans to go to a friend’s baby shower, but my ride fell through so I thought I couldn’t go anymore. My friend (who is the pregnant one the shower is for) offered to come out and give me a ride anyhow. I didn’t want her coming out to chauffeur me to her own event, especially since she is pregnant, and it’s her freakin’ day! ANOTHER friend offered to give me a ride home, but she is the hostess and I still had 5 hours of prep cook to do when I get home and I knew it would be a late event. Soooooo, I didn’t go and now I’m beating myself up thinking I’m a terrible friend, thinking I made the wrong choice and I shoulda’ said, “Fuck it, I don’t need to cook food this week.” I’m beating myself up, been in a fowl mood, and I’m starving….

I really hope she doesn’t hate me, cause I think I hate myself enough for the two of us right now…..

So I’m home alone, cooking my stupid food, moping about cleaning the house and cursing at anything in my path. Boooo, happy Sunday.

image (2)

On another note, my date with Derek went well yesterday. It was beautiful weather, I took him on the Ferry out to Bainbridge Island to the Bainbridge Island Brewery. Excellent beer! They don’t have a kitchen on site, so they allow outside food AND dogs. We brought Keyda, and surprisingly there was another couple with a Shiba Inu. I brought the game Blokus to play and we ordered a 4 5oz. sampler of beer. I beat Derek at Blokus by 3 points! The key is to play all your largest pieces first. I brought a cooler with lunch meat, cheese, and a large bag with sandwich bread, pesto spread, Sun Chips, and brownie bites.

image (1)


After we enjoyed a couple brews, our game of Blokus, and ate lunch; we head out to Gazzam Nature Preserve to go to the beach. We hiked down a steep trail to the beach and walked along the coast for a little while. We came across another dog that was extremely friendly and playful with Keyda.  Big beautiful male husky, gorgeous dog. We started walking back to head up the trail since it was going to be dark soon and the husky followed us. We were worried since we didn’t see any owner in sight, so we waited a while and still no one came. The dog’s name was Zeplin. We called all the numbers on his tags and either they were disconnected or re-routed us to a Emergency Shelter in Poulsbo. After much contemplation we took him up the trail with us, brought him to the Poulsbo shelter 30 minutes away, and had him scanned for a microchip. Thankfully he was chipped! Turns out the owner owned a large chunk of that beach front, about 50 acres and let their dogs loose all the time. We met up with the owner, an older lady, at the Clearwater Casino and returned Zeplin. He was such a chill dog! He was smiling the whole time he was in the back of our Prius, didn’t whimper, wasn’t scared or anything! We had a dog buddy for a few hours, I got sort of attached and wanted to keep the guy!


We took the 7:10pm Ferry home, picked up the movie ‘Red 2’ at Redbox and went home to make a fire and chillllll. Great day 🙂 Ha, and we killed that container of brownie bites! Didn’t need dinner after that! I woke up in the middle of the night sick to my stomach, my mouth salivating like I was about to dry heave and vomit over the side of the bed. Sugar coma! Ughhhh! Never doing THAT again…. until post comp.. teehee 🙂


I had another training session with Derek this weekend. Yesterday before our date he kicked my arse on the TRX. God I hate that thing! I was feeling pretty down on myself, I’ve got some WEAK obliques! I need to work on those, make ’em *POP*! This week I will definitely be incorporating more TRX training for core, as well as drop setting my weight to create ‘fuller’ muscles. Today I weighed in at a shocking 111lbs! I was shocked, but the scale I used was calibrated correctly, so it must be true. That means I lost 4 pounds in a week and a half which is hard to believe considering I’ve been eating more. My activity level has definitely gone up, today marks 10 consecutive days of working out, I’ve also been running home after work a couple days out of the week.


Welp, I better walk my dog before I start prep cooking MORE. *Le siighhh* I’ll try to clear my mind and mentally prepare for the week…. it’s gonna be a doozy at work. Let the insanity ensue! Business is picking back up and won’t be put down until summer…. until next time…..


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