Motivation Board

Motivation Board

Sometimes it can be extremely difficult to wake my ass up and get out of bed at 4am, go to the gym and kill my workouts with no pre-workout, and carry about my day with enough energy until 10pm on a restricted diet, smiling at people and socializing at work while everyone eats sweet treats and other goodies I can’t enjoy 😦

I have to CONSTANTLY remind myself why I am doing this, and literally visualize the goals I want to achieve. I created a ‘Motivation Board’ to help me get through tough days and remind me that I’m on a tough journey, but like they say, if it weren’t hard as fuck then EVERYBODY would be doing it.

I have my progress picture in there next to some of the greatest of the greats, all of my top fitness role models and I say to myself, “Hell yeah, you’re getting there! Slowly but surely, stick with it!” I WILL achieve great things. Humble small beginnings…… It’s a journey.


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