Motivational Monday

Motivational Monday

Hey Folks!

Hope everyone enjoyed the Super Bowl, Hawks KILLED it! I’m no football fan, but I guess I’m pretty proud of my home team, they deserved the win.

As much as I don’t like football, I was feeling pretty amped and motivated this morning to kill my workout vibin’ off of everybody else’s ‘feel good’ mood. I’m even sharing my workout today! SUPER effective, my body really needed the plyo shock.

Today’s workout consisted of plenty of cardio including: interval incline treadmill sprints, jump rope, and spin bike HIIT intervals. I also added plenty of TRX resistance exercises and abs, abs, ABS! Last week I saw my oblique’s peekin’ out for a milli-second and then they disappeared 😦 Hoping the TRX training will bring ’em back! This morning was a blissful hour and 45 minute workout.

Today also marks the beginning of my ‘two-a-day’ training plan. I will be incorporating three ‘two-a-days’ a week for the remainder of February. The goal is to run home after work, anywhere between 4 to 7 miles on Monday’s, Wednesday’s, and Friday’s.

When March rolls around I will be doing FIVE ‘two-a-days’ a week until comp day. Whewwww, hope I can do it…. I will be EXHAUSTED! I’m pretty pumped to be getting my Polar Fit Watch tomorrow, that way I can really see the hard work I’m putting in.

I know I’ve been playing around with this idea for quite some time now, but I think I’m ready to commit and register for Vancouver Natural. I have Derek’s support, sooooo I think I’m just gonna grow a pair and send the check!

I’ve got some pretty big goals this week:

1) Send the check for Vancouver Natural, April 12th, 2014!
2) Complete ALL my workouts, smash my three ‘two-a-days’
3) Get my training in on the weekend while on vacation
4) Set up posing time
6) No more protein cookies 😦
7) Eat more protein…. from healthier sources
8) BUILD BOOTY! Lift HEAVIER! Been making small gains, make BIGGER gains!
9) Drink more water
10) Have patience, and don’t beat yourself up when you don’t see IMMEDIATE progress

Last week was pretty tough, I was lacking in all areas.

I didn’t do all my workouts that I had planned to. I ate too much peanut butter and was mentally so weak and wanting to cave in and eat from the ‘Goodie Jar’ at work. I was feeling really down on myself and feeling ‘thick’ and ‘sluggish’. Last week was a pretty depressing week overall, but I’m going to do BETTER this week! I’m waking up at 4am every day, Monday through Friday and gettin’ shit done!

Wmotivatehen I was feeling down last week, I reached out to another gal that I’ll be competing with in Emerald Cup and she really brought up my mood and motivated me. It’s really nice hearing that another person has felt the way that I felt and is STILL going strong, smashin’ it, and looking FAB! The best piece of advice I took from her was to be consistent and patient. That has been my struggle lately. I’m not consistent, and then I feel down and out when I don’t see the results I want when it’s my own fault. Time and consistency will show results!

This week is gonna be better, MUCH better, because I’m gonna make it that way.


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