Posing Help!

Posing Help!

So I’m beginning to take my posing/progress shots from a lower angle since that’s what the judges will ultimately be seeing while I’m on stage. I also want to make sure I am looking tight, toned, and put together in my competition photos.

I would love advice for my posing, examples of how to pose for my body type and height. I am 5 3/4 so not even 5’1!

If you notice any problem areas, PLEASE point them out! Shrink up the legs, trim up the waist, lift the glutes, etc.

Please and thank you! Much appreciated 🙂


9 thoughts on “Posing Help!

  1. Jessica you are so amazing!!! I wish I could offer you a better response than that like critique, but I have nothing else to say other than YOU LOOK INCREDIBLE. You’re an inspiration, absolutely sensational!

    • Awwwww thanks girl! I appreciate the encouragement 🙂 I’m getting so nervous, really trying to tighten everything up and be as prepared as possible! posing frightens me the most. Diet and exercise I can handle, being in basically lingerie in front of thousands of people…. not so much!


  2. Good god girl you look amazing! I see no flaw in any of your poses and thats not because im biased either! Stunning my friend, just stunning. 🙂

      • Miss you too doll! More than likely May for the monster mashs’ birthday. You will be the first to know when I make plans to come up! Love reading your blog by the way and being able to see your progress.

      • Yayyy! I can have birthday cake in May!! 🙂 Fat kid over here pre ordered 11 boxes of Girl Scouts so I can stuff my face with them back stage on comp day!

        Thanks for reading my blog! I’m never sure how many people do, it’s nice to know people read it and actually enjoy it, haha!!


  3. Just chiming in to say that I was searching google images for ‘posing’ for some generic poses to draw, and this post came up. I know nothing about fitness posing but you look great, and it was my pleasure to draw you. Hope you did great on your contest! 🙏

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