Forgot my gym shoes…. again

Happy Friday! What better way to begin your day than to battle the down pour of rain at 4:45am to take the bus to the gym, only to realize you forgot your gym shoes?! Damn it!

Welp, there goes my workout for the day. There was no way I was going BACK out into the rain to take the bus to the gym when I could stay home and torch just as many calories, doing my plyometric workout in my training schedule for Friday, but at home without equipment. I burned a good 500 calories in 60 minutes this morning, not bad! Felt super awesome, definitely boosted the rest of my day.

This morning I did 4 ZWOW videos: #107, #106, #104, & #101. My favorite video would probably be #104, really BURNS your legs out! Whewww, had me outta breathe! One more week until my photo shoot! Trying to tighten everything up so I’m camera ready. Right now I am taking Xpel to flush out subcutaneous water weight to make my muscles ‘pop’. Xpel is a water retention pill that is temporarily used, specifically for competitions. I wanted to make sure that it works before I decide taking it for Emerald Cup. I’m on day 3 right now. Results are still unclear at this point.

I also raised my calorie xpel2consumption last week by 300 and I’ve been feeling really, “thick”. I dunno if it’s because Mother Nature is over a week late and she could visit any time therefore I’m bloated, if I’m not working out hard enough or long enough, or if it’s really raising my calories. I was just so starving on 1,200! Especially with how intense my workouts have been and how early I’m up. I will admit, I’ve been dipping my spoon in the peanut butter jar and chocolate peanut spread waaaaay too often this week. I’ve just been craving FOOD! Ughhhh…..


Here’s my plan though! Next week marks the beginning of a serious 8 week cut. I’m gonna do it GRADUAL though. Instead of ‘boo-hoo-ing’ about how thick I FEEL and cutting back down to 1,200 calories I’ve written up the following plan:

  • Sunday February 23rd to Saturday March 8th (2 weeks) –
    1,400 calories a day – Macro Ratio 35%/35%/30%
    Training – 6 days a week, 3 ‘two-a-days’ with added cardio
  • Sunday March 9th to Saturday March 22nd (2 weeks) –
    1,300 calories a day – Macro Ratio 35%/40%/25%
    Training – 6 days a week, RE-EVALUATE
  • Sunday March 23rd to Comp Date (5 weeks) –
    1,200 calories a day– Macro Ratio 30%/40%/30%
    No more Cheat Meals!
    Training – 6 days a week, RE-EVALUATE
  • Beginning Saturday April 19th – No gassy food, begin depletion

I’ve been really good about my workouts, I just trip up with over indulging in the kitchen. Too much of a good thing aka peanut butter, can be a bad thing. I have been making great progress overall, I don’t give myself nearly enough credit. I always feel like I can do BETTER. We are our own worst critic though right? I don’t even know how many times I repeat that to myself.

I hope I can remain consistent and level headed when I start to get the ball rolling for Spring Quarter! I filled out my FAFSA and I qualify for Financial Aid! Yippee! I qualify for Pell Grant and student loans. I have applied, have been accepted, so now I need to bring in name change documents (since the last time I went there I was a ‘Tolentino’ not ‘Frank’), and set up a meeting with an advisor to figure out if I need to take an assessment test, which classes I need to begin with, and figure out any additional costs. Spring Quarter begins at the beginning of April! Holy shit that’s soon, and so close to Comp Date!

On top of all that, I’m working overtime next week to earn some extra moolah. EEEeeeek! Competition prep, school prep, and 48 hours next week?! Not to mention, I will have to adjust my schedule AGAIN when I start working mornings. My manager doesn’t have a date for me, but my guess is within a month at most I will be working the 6:00am to 2:30pm shift, in which case I will try to run TO work on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays instead of running home FROM work like I do on closing shift. Let’s get shit done! Here’s next week’s break down:

  • Monday, February 24th – Morning workout! Work my normal 11:00am to 7:30pm schedule. 4 mile run home!
  • Tuesday, February 25th – Work a 12 hour 6:00am to 6:00pm schedule! Wheww! 45 to 60 minutes cardio of choice at the gym after work
  • Wednesday, February 26th – Morning workout! Work my normal 11:00am to 7:30pm schedule. 4 mile run home!
  • Thursday, February 27th -Work a 12 hour 6:00am to 6:00pm schedule! 45 to 60 minutes cardio of choice at the gym after work. TENTATIVE – Posing practice at David Barton Gym
  • Friday, February 28th – Morning workout! Work my normal 11:00am to 7:30pm schedule. 4 mile run home!
  • Saturday, March 1st – Hot Yoga session and Photo Shoot with Amir
  • Sunday, March 2nd – Easy outdoor run, weather permitting. Meal prep and REBOOT!

Holy crap! ALSO….. I may potentially be stopping by the Bellevue College Student Building to bring my Notarized Name Change Document and I.D. to complete my registration; either Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. Depending on how I feel after next week I may choose to opt out of over-time for the next week so I can finish tying up loose ends for school.

*Le siiiiiiiigh* I really hope I’m not digging myself a hole here….. Shit is about to get CRAY!

Anywho, apologies for the stressful ramblings…. not a very exciting post. Just me organizing the thoughts in my head, it tends to get pretty crowded up there. Have a great weekend everybody! Happy Friiiiiiidaaaaaay!


P.S. Not excited about my monthly progress photo tomorrow…. better not stuff my face hole with peanut butter.

5 thoughts on “Forgot my gym shoes…. again

  1. Girllll peanut butter is my freggin’ holy grail. Can’t get enough of that stuff! You look awesome though, whatever you are doing… IT IS WORKING! I don’t how u haven been eating only 1,200 cal’s a day! Good call upping them to 1,400 for a bit! I am at 1,900 right now… I will prob stay there for another week or two, then decrease to 1,850. Depends what I see I’m my progress pics next week. You are doing such a good job keeping up with ur crazy busy schedule! Stop and breath every now and then and remind yourself that you’re freaking awesome and you’ve come such a long way!!! You rock 🙂

    • Awwwwww thanks for the encouragement girl, I really needed to hear that! Sometimes it’s so exhausting thinking about prep ALL THE TIME! I get so down when I go over my macros, don’t burn enough calories, or meet my calorie deficit. Whewww! I tell ya!

      Single digits now, next week marks 8 weeks out! Craziness, it came so quickly! It seemed so far away for soooo long! Now I’m freakin out hoping I’m doing everything just right. I need stronger will.

      I love staying busy though, the schedule will load up, but I’m hoping I’ll be happier knowing I’m being productive and pursuing education for Sports Nutrition. I haven’t been to school in forever! Time to do what I’m passionate about, no beating around the bush waiting!

      Thanks for being a huge supporter, your kind words go far, much appreciate 🙂 You’re rockin’ it too, and naturally, super respectable, lovin watching your progress 🙂


    • Awwww thanks! it’s rough, but hey, at least peanut butter is the worse thing I’ve been ‘over indulging’ in right? I’m increasing my running next week, so excited, I love the runners high! Do you know of any good half marathons coming up beginning of August?

      Bellevue is one your clients?? Bellevue the city? Where do you work at? That cool!


      • I work for a company that does payment plans for colleges, and Bellevue College is one I implemented myself! Small world!

        I’ll keep my eyes peeled for some good half marathons! I’m signed up for one in May and one in November…guess I’ll do one every 6 months!

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