My Newest Addiction

Whewww, I’ve been re-vamping my blog all day! As some of my followers on WordPress may have noticed, I’ve added a couple new sections to my blog; some of which include more categories of meals and a ‘Product Reviews‘ page. You also may have noticed that I received some of my photos back from the photo shoot last Friday. Amir exceeded any expectation I would have had by far! Check out the full set: P U M P on The After Hour


The past few days I haven’t been feeling well, I had to call off work yesterday and today. I’m feeling a lot better currently, so I will be going into work tomorrow. Basically having 2 days off in the middle of the week has given me plenty of time to think, reboot, and just take a physical and mental break.

I know I’ve stated this plenty of times in the past, but sometimes I get so caught up in life. I get so caught up in my emotions, my goals, my meal plan, my workout plan, work, and obsessing over things I want or need or don’t have, blah, blah, blah. It’s enough to make my head spin!

I have a problem. I have several problems, but I’ve realized my most recent problems have been internet / technology addiction, as well as always needing NOISE.

Yes! Weird fucking addictions I know! I bet you thought I was gonna say I have a workout addiction, or food obsession! Don’t worry, I have those too… BUT, these most recent addictions have taken a hold of me. I feel like I need these things to quiet the thoughts in my own head.

I’m constantly thinking so many thoughts….. I need the internet to record all of them! I need Evernote to make my ‘To Do’ lists and store all my workouts, I need Myfitnesspal to record all my calories, macros, and calories burned during workouts, I need WordPress to write my blog so I can post MORE workouts and MORE things I need to do and post pictures of things I ate that day that I took with my phone! I need Picmonkey editor to edit all my photos so they look more ‘artsy’ and ‘crafty’ and ‘original’. I need Pinterest to look up new healthy recipes since I can’t eat real food like a normal human! I need so I can fill up my cart and wish list with items that I can buy when I’m DONE with my comp! I need it to also be a creeper and ‘window shop’ for peanut butter that I CAN’T have yet! I need Instagram to post my progress pictures, and follow other accounts to inspire and motivate me, I need Hulu and Netflix to play a show in the background that I won’t even watch so I can do all of these things…..

Holy fuck.

Get off the god damned internet!

On another note, I’m excited to get my MacBook this weekend…. I think my internet problem is about to get worse. I used to not even know HOW to use the internet. If I was planted in front of a screen, it was the TV. My to do lists? Writing my meals? Blogging? I used a good ole’ fashion planner for all that shit. I used to write in a real journal, ya’ know, the ones with paper and pages, and you used a pen?!

I have a serious problem guys. After this post, I might be M.I.A for a while….. Maybe I’ll pay my old journal a visit, finish reading Osho where he actually talks about being unable to quiet your mind, and how quieting your mind will give you ultimate peace. Yeah…. that’s what I need.



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