Dangers of ‘Skinny Fat’

I stumbled across an article on the interwebz that I wanted to share with you guys, I found it extremely interesting!

The article is about the dangers of ‘skinny fat’ and how our society fixates on being overweight, when being what the article calls ‘skinny fat’ is just as dangerous, if not MORE dangerous!

‘The Hidden Dangers of ‘Skinny Fat”

Being skinny doesn’t always mean healthy, or fit. Health is really about the inside, not just the outward appearance. Obesity is definitely visible red flag that indicates a health issue, but ‘skinny fats’ who eat whatever they want and don’t sweat one drop are at the same risk of diseases such as: diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and insane blood sugar. They are at risk of even deadlier diseases.

When you consume a diet high in sugars and processed food, it causes visceral fat storage in the body which can lead to being overweight. However, not everyone will carry this weight and become heavy, which can mean that their organs are covered in visceral fat. Visceral fat can pose a more dangerous threat than subcutaneous fat. Visceral fat exists in the abdomen and surrounds the organs, whereas subcutaneous fat builds up underneath the skin. Excessive amounts of visceral fat can lead to heart disease, diabetes, and even a stroke.

Staying thin shouldn’t JUST be about aesthetics and appearance, because it seems like that’s what our society focuses on without really thinking about it. Sure, you can be skinny, but if you aren’t treating your body kindly by eating properly and exercising, then your body could potentially fail you from the inside out. We give obese people a tough time, but we also give skinny people a tough time. We should care about our overall health and everything else will fall into place in due time. We should be taking care of our body because this is the ONLY vessel we have for years and years to come! I dunno about you, but I want to be mobile, running, jumping, performing until the day I die! I want to play rough & tumble with my grandkids, tag, hide & seek, you name it!

It’s not all about looking like a sexy beast. It’s about being healthy on the inside so you don’t acquire a disease or pass one down. It’s about taking care of yourself, mentally and physically.


2 thoughts on “Dangers of ‘Skinny Fat’

  1. Reblogged this on My Future Self and commented:
    As an adult I realize that “skinny fat” was what I once admired in so many of the people around me. I was very ignorant to what it meant to be healthy. Funny what a little education an do for your point of view! Thanks Jess for a great post!

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