Hump Day Workout


Hey Guys!

Happy Hump day, man I thought YESTERDAY was Wednesday, I’m in for a crazy day at work. Work has been RIDICULOUSLY busy! Everyone is trying to fit in their briefings before we have limited availability for the Summit’s happening beginning the end of May. Spring and Fall tends to be our busy season; with Summer and Winter being soooo sloooow we’re practically closed.

We have gotten off late nearly every night for the past few weeks, definitely takes a mental and physical toll. I keep using the “I got off work late again” excuse to skip my two-a-days. Last week I did 2 two-a-days, and I haven’t done one this week yet! I’m going tonight after work regardless of what time I get off. I’m not gonna let work ‘win’ per say. I’m not gonna let that control my life, my workouts, and my outcome at Emerald Cup. It’s grind time! Time to put forth 110%! I have a fighting chance of winning my category!

Today marks 36 days until competition day. I technically don’t count peak week, so I have less than a month to diet down, do the tough grueling work, tan, pose, and OWN it. Derek gave me a new swim workout that I tried yesterday, felt freakin’ AMAZING! I dunno man, I think I like swimming. A LOT. Full body workout, relaxing, great form of physical and mental therapy and to be honest my abs look pretty killer after a 45-60 minute session. We’re incorporating two days of endurance training now instead of the one. Tuesday’s and Thursday’s are my swim, bike, run days.

This Saturday he’ll be showing me new workouts to incorporate into the last stretch of my training. I’m pumped! Everything is coming together very nicely. Next week I will be adjusting my macros as well, strict nutrition to make those abs *POP* Still gotta work on that posing! I’ll be attending the Vancouver Natural Show Saturday April 12th with a gal I met on Instagram. It will be our first time meeting, we’re both competing in Emerald Cup. We’ll be carpooling together and taking notes of the show to see what we’re in for! She’s competing Figure and I’m doing Bikini. Can’t wait to finally meet someone who is on this fitness journey with me!

Other great news! I received my first sponsorship! THAT’S RIGHT! My very first athlete sponsorship! The company who is sponsoring me is called: Femme. They are a new women’s fitness brand that will be launching their website and their product line VERY SOON, and I have the opportunity to try their products and promote their brand. I’m very excited! I found out about them through Facebook, you should definitely check them out and stay tuned for more information. They are currently keeping everything very low key and under wraps, but from what I can gather, so far they have a women’s skin firming cream that will be releasing. The cream will help reduce the appearance of cellulite and TIGHTEN the skin, which I’m super pumped to try out before my competition. Hopefully it will give me the edge!


Tons of exciting stuff lies ahead! 36 days till Emerald Cup! KICK IT UP A NOTCH!


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