My Rebuttal-Standing up for the #fitfam

LOVE the rebuttal to the famous ‘FitFam’ article. Thank you for writing this!



If I’m being honest, when I read the article, I kinda giggled. She makes some valid statements. So, my one statement will be hats off to you for looking at the very surface of all that the #fitfam represents, and let me tell you what you’ve actually missed.

If you aren’t familiar with the original article, here’s the link:

1.Psuedo Instafame 

That’s at least what I like to call it. I’m one of them. I haven’t done anything spectacular but yet at the Arnold, I had about 5 different people ask to take a picture with me, and kinda gasp when they saw me. I have friends who you might call “completely average” but they are making a business for themselves and have over 100,000 followers. They had a passion, went after it because social media and 2014 allows that, and while you’re eating a cheeseburger, they are…

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