Bitter Sweet Friday

Bitter Sweet Friday

Happy Friday Folks!

We made it! Man, the week flew by insanely fast, work has been an absolute MAD HOUSE! I have excellent news though, tonight is officially my LAST night on the closing shift! I’m so freakin’ stoked outta my mind, I’ve been waiting over a year for this transition to the opening shift. I think I’ve waited the longest out of anyone who has been on the team to become an opening shift team member. Monday marks the beginning of my 6:00am to 2:30pm shift change! Super pumped about it. It’s bitter sweet though, I won’t be working as closely with some cool ass people. Don’t get me wrong, opening team is legit, but I got to know the closing team really well and I love them all.

Since today is my last day working the closing shift, that also means this morning was my last 5am workout. I’m pretty sad about that too 😦 I love fitting my workout in during the morning, sets the tone for the day, gets my endorphins and ‘feel good’ mojo going, AND people who workout in the morning have their routine and usually aren’t….. for lack of a better word ‘amateurs’. You won’t see someone doing bicep curls in the squat rack! …. usually.

I’ll just have to plan my workouts extra carefully, Derek has a new training plan in the works for me to begin next week, so we’ll see what happens! My new shift also allows me to set up posing practice times with some fellow competitors, so that’s exciting! I need DESPERATE help with posing. I’ve been getting better, but now is the time to clean it up and perfect my walk and poses. I need to get lean and tight, lean and TIGHT! I also scheduled my next photo shoot with Amir for April 5th, so in two weeks. No more trippin’ up on my diet! I’ve been doing really good overall, but I tell ya, that peanut butter is my Achilles heel! So incredibly strange, I swear I have an addiction! Why do fitness guru’s LOVE peanut butter? I never ate it before training, now it’s all I can think about practically. I don’t crave sugar, sweets, or even salt. I want plain ole’ peanut butter spooned right outta the jar. To resolve the issue, I ordered more PB2 off of Amazon and it should be here Monday morning. I have to ration this tiny bit I have left for the weekend!

Anywho, I better bounce! Time to clean the kitchen after my breakfast escapade and get all purrrtttty for my last day on the closing shift! Happy Friday and have a stellar weekend 🙂



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