Update – 20 Days Out


Happy Saturday!

It’s been a good day so far, I had my Bikini photo shoot with Amir 🙂 I’ve been relaxing all day with the hubby and pup, taking today as a rest day and getting’ back at it tomorrow. Yesterday I found out that my pool is going to be closed April 5th – 15th! Super upset, I feel like swimming twice a week for 45 minutes really gave me the edge on the competition, creating lean muscle fibers, and a great source of cardio. Tomorrow Derek and I might go to Samena (the old pool he used to work at) for a swim workout. I am also going to L.A Fitness to practice my posing, hopefully get a tan session in too.

20 more days! EEEEEEEK! Smashing out my goals, photo shoots done, waiting on my sponsorship package from Femme, attending my first Bodybuilding Competition next weekend, starting to water load the next week, then PEAK WEEK! Holy shit! Crept up so FAST! Really hoping my posing is on point, still need to perfect my transitions. I can’t wait to get my bikini photos back! I still have A LOT of errands to accomplish in preparation for the show:

  • Posing Practice – Sunday, April 6th with Daniella at L.A Fitness & Thursday April 10th 5:00pm with Randa at L.A Fitness.
  • Vancouver Natural – Saturday, April 12th 6:00pm Finals show with Ashley!
  • Depletion – Begin drinking 2 gallons of water a day Saturday, April 12th; one week before peak week. Begin tapering my water off DURING peak week until competition day where I take a few sips throughout the day.
  • Xpel – Begin taking Xpel Thursday, April 17th; 10 days before competition day. Start flushing out my water weight.
  • Peak Weak!
    -No gassy foods! Beans, gassy veggies, whole wheat, etc.
    -Exfoliate Skin in preparation for tanning appointment!
    -Begin training at regular intensity at the beginning of the week, decrease training intensity throughout the week.
    -Decrease cardio:
        -Sunday: 60 minutes cardio
        -Monday: 50 minutes cardio
      -Tuesday: 40 minutes cardio
      -Wednesday: 30 minutes cardio
          -Thursday: 20 minutes cardio
          -Friday: Circuit Training / Plyo Workout
        -Saturday: COMPETITION DAY!
  • NWCC Tanning Appointment – Friday, April 25th, 4:15pm at Station 2 located on the 4th floor of the Meydenbaur Convention Center. Wear loose fitting clothes, make sure skin has been exfoliated every day during peak weak. Bring credit card of cash!
  • Hair – Sleek and straight! Research tips online, wearing my Plumeria hair clip as pictured.
  • Make Up – Teal blue eye shadow, need to purchase NW45 Mac Foundation for face.
  • Nails – Teal blue nails with glitter top, doing them myself.
  • Items to bring!
    -‘Rewards Box’!
    -Hair products & make up
    -Bikini and shoes! Of course!
    -Change of clothing
    -Flip flops and silk/satin robe
    -Resistance bands for pumping up back stage
    -Food! Stay away from heavy carbs, eat clean foods that don’t cause gas such as chicken, brown rice, and small amounts of fruit
    -NPC Card!

Whew! I’m sure there’s PLENTY more that I’m just forgetting, I’ll continue adding to the list as I remember what they are. Tomorrow I am re-evaluating my diet plan. I will be planning each day, every meal, to the ‘T’, no extras here or there by earning my calories through working out harder. Consistency and restriction is key! The process has been good to me and I need to honor it better than I have been.

20 days out! Stay tuned! This girl is excited, anxious, and nauseous all at once! Wish me luck 🙂


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