Post Comp Blues – Reality Check

Post Comp Blue - Reality Check

I’ve got a nasty case of the ‘post comp blues.’ The photo on the left was taken 3 days before my competition, and the photo on the right was taken 2 days after my competition.

I’ve been putting on weight like crazy, holding water like no one’s business. I’m getting downright depressed. I made the mistake of stepping on the scale today, and guess what? I PUT ON 14 GOD DAMN POUNDS! How the eff does THAT happen?!?!

My whole entire body feels puffy, bloated, and swollen. I have ‘kankles’, my feet are swollen and they ACHE. Every inch of my body feels soft, it’s so hard to workout carrying around 14 extra pounds…. it’s sad, I can’t even keep my balance. I started crying once I stepped off the scale. I’m embarrassed to go to the gym, I don’t want anybody to see me or talk to me. I’m wearing PANTS to the gym, I’m not confident enough to wear shorts 😦

Of course this week is 80 degrees and absolutely gorgeous, the ONE week this year where I want to wear shorts because of the heat, I am embarrassed because of my sausage legs. A lady saw me at the gym right after I stepped off the scale and asked me how my competition went and I broke down crying, so pathetic. I felt so embarrassed, but she encouraged me and told me I’m young and would lose the weight in no time.

Yes, I know the competition body isn’t maintainable, but 14 freakin’ pounds?!?! I did a number on myself, and I hope I can recover.

My competition weight was 111lbs and I currently weigh 125lbs. I weigh more than when I began training for Emerald Cup!

Here is my plan:

I will take the remainder of the week off. Derek says my body needs to reset after putting it through hell. I will start back up training on Monday with a new game plan, hopefully by then I will have shed some of this water weight. I also cleaned out my kitchen of any left over goodies from my ‘Rewards Box’. Holy shit, I didn’t realize how much I actually had! I had Snickers, Hershey Cookies n Creme bars, Mr. Goodbars, Babe Ruth’s, Reeses eggs from Easter, Peanut Butter Cups, Cadbury Eggs, Pop Tarts, Lindor White Truffles, M&M’s etc. I kept very few select candies (the nicer ones) and hid them in a shoe box on the top shelf of my cabinets for when I can control my cravings better, and the rest I am taking to work.

I am going to start eating cleaner too. To be honest, the past few days I have been on SHOVE MY FACE MODE, with anything BAD. I’m not going to worry about my portions and macros until next week, just eating cleaner foods and less sugar.

I hurt my body, I put it through hell, it will take time to find that perfect balance again, but I KNOW it’s possible. My goal is to weigh between 115lbs and 118lbs. Just another goal! I’ve been through worse! Time to find a healthy life style balance I can maintain!

Staying strong…..


6 thoughts on “Post Comp Blues – Reality Check

  1. I just wrote a post related to this! Don’t be too hard on yourself, it happens to a lot of competitors. If you haven’t already heard of him, Look up Layne Norton (@biolayne on IG). Keep your chin up!!

    • Thanks so much for the positivity! It’s so easy to get down, especially when it seems like months of hard work completely vanished within 72 hours 😦 I’ll check Layne Norton out, I’ve def heard of him before.

      Staying strong!


      • Was this your first show? This is all too common :-/ reverse diet is so so important, especially for your mental well being. It’s hard to see ourselves gain back some weight, but trust me you don’t look as bad as you feel and the people that you’re embarrassed about being in shorts in front of don’t notice how much you’ve gained. Xox

      • Yes! This was indeed my first show, definitely learned a lot of ‘do’s and don’ts’! My body feels completely wrecked, but my diet hasn’t been on point at all either, so it’s my own fault. I’m taking the week off and hitting the gym hard and re evaluating my macro plan next week. 14lb weight gain was a shocker for sure! Hoping to god most of it’s water! 3 extra inches around the waist makes a huge difference in my eye!


  2. Jess, the same thing happened to me… It’s been nearly 3 weeks after my competition and I finally feel like I’v got a grasp on my diet and exercise. I went through so many up and downs, so many binges, in a really short amount of time, but I think I am ready to move on and just try to be healthy and do right by my body. You will get there. I’m sure most of it is water-weight… your abs will come out of hiding soon enough, I promise! Just don’t beat yourself up, that’s way more damaging to yourself than over-eating. Just take a breath and move on, and if you slip up again, take another deep breath and move on, again. You will find a happy-medium soon 🙂

    – Amanda

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