Alright, I have a confession.

I’ve been having a real PROBLEM with sugar post show. I’m constantly eating sweets, especially at night when I absolutely shouldn’t be! Cookies, chocolate, pastries, cookie butter, candy you name it!

I’ve been reading up on sugar and found an interesting article online pertaining to the scary side effects of sugar which are the following:

1) Tossing Back Sugary Drinks May Increase Your Risk of Diabetes – I don’t really struggle with this one, I’m not a fan of soda or juices. The only liquids I drink are coffee, water, tea, and protein drinks! However, overall excessive sugar consumption CAN increase the risk of diabetes, so say no to the junk!

2) Following a High-Glycemic Diet May Cause Acne – Acne has always been a struggle of mine, but I noticed a reduction of acne once I started eliminating sugar from my diet. I don’t want to risk losing my clear skin!

3) A Diet Rich in Sugar Can Hurt Your Heart – Excessive amounts of sugar can create fat build up in your arteries, ultimately increasing your risk of a heart attack! To prevent arteries from building up fat and hardening, cut the sugar!

4) Sugar Can Increase Your Chances of Depression – Eating too much sugar can shoot your blood sugar levels extremely low, also causing them crash and reach an extreme low. This can cause your mood to roller coaster causing a fluctuation in your metabolism and serotonin levels.

5) High Blood Sugar Can Increase Your Risk of Yeast Infection – Yeast grows by feeding on sugar! Yeast infections are caused by a bacteria called Candida. Candida naturally exists in the body, but are maintained by the immune system so they don’t overgrow and cause infection. Extra sugar in your blood, saliva, or urine create a breeding ground for excessive bacteria.

6) Sugar May Increase Your Risk of Cancer – Statistics have proven that people who consume more sugar in their diet have an increased chance of cancer than those who have a consume less sugar. This has been proven with studies related to pancreatic cancer, breast cancer in women, and obesity.

Dang! There were A LOT more dangerous side effects to eating sugar than I imagined! To be honest, my main concerns with eating sugar were: weight gain and energy levels. This article opened my eyes to a lot more reasons to reduce sugar in my diet.

I honestly felt really great during my early stages of competition prep once I swore off sugar. I believe that most of my weight loss was from eliminating all the sugary junk I had been eating previously. I felt great as long as I was eating enough whole foods! I started dropping weight, my muscles and abs were a lot more prominent, I had plenty of energy, and my acne started going away!

I’m gonna reduce the amount of sugar in my diet and get back on track. Time to get rid of this post competition fluff, get chiseled for Summer, and treat my body better from the inside out 🙂


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