Fresh Start!


I feel like my blogs have gotten stale. I’ve been M.I.A it seems.

That’s how I feel right now with my fitness goals too…. STALE. It’s been a month since my bikini competition and I’ve been trying to figure out what the hell I’m doing!

There have been days where I binge and have skipped out on my workouts. There have also been really great days where I meet my macros right on point and get some kick ass cardio or strength training workouts in! It’s been a roller coaster, I’m still trying to figure out my body and get it back on track. The first week post show was a NIGHTMARE! I felt like I was in some stranger’s body and could NOT practice self control for the life of me! I couldn’t say no to any food that was offered to me. I would boredom eat and eat way too much. I would tell myself, “I deserve this!” and over do it. I would feel guilty for my lack of control…. it was awful.


On the way to Idaho!

I FINALLY feel like I’m in the right mind set, had a long enough mental and physical break that I can my head in the game. I feel like I’ve been saying that for a month, “I’m ready to do this now!” This time I’m actually ready….

I’m currently following IIFYM, more often than not ūüėČ I plan on having one Cheat Meal a week reserved for the weekends. This week I’ve been craving pizza!

Last week I started running again but really messed up my left foot somehow. I tried running to work last Friday morning, but after 2.5 miles my foot started to flare up pretty bad. I thought the pain would go away, but when I stepped on it to start running again I had the most agonizing pain that made me yell. I walked the rest of the way, thankfully I live 3 miles from work. I plan on resting my foot and doing spin bike and stair master for cardio, I will add swimming next week.


My Stud Muffin driving the whole way there

Although Memorial Weekend was a blast spending time with Derek’s Dad’s side of the family, it definitely set me back on my fitness goals. I didn’t workout for basically 4 whole days and ate so much delicious food! I think the ‘healthiest’ thing I ate was an apple ūüôā It was really great seeing his family though, we rarely get the opportunity. It’s tradition that we go down to the Reservation in Idaho to spend time with¬†family. We spend¬†Saturday morning cleaning his family’s gravesites.¬†Nobody tends the graves,¬†so we make a family reunion of the trip. We mow the grass, weed whack, sweep the tombstones, scrub the tombstones¬†etc. It doesn’t take very long at all with¬†our manpower. After we finish cleaning we go back to the hotel and wash up before going to his family’s property for a¬†potluck luncheon. MMmmmm such good¬†food, I’m getting the tum-rums just thinking about it. Fried chicken, pasta salad, potato salad, fruit salad, watermelon,¬†potato chips etc. There’s dessert of course! Aunt Mary Beth only makes the most delicious Huckleberry Pie! There were Peanut Butter Chocolate cookie bars, German Chocolate Cake, and cookies galore. Can you tell I have a food obsession?

It was a really great visit! Kaienna had so much fun playing with her cousins too. Sunday morning we go to Breakfast at the Heartstone Bakery, such delicious REAL food and large portions too. I had the Bacon Quiche, delectable. After everyone finishes breakfast we say our goodbyes and part ways until next year. On our way back we stop by a lake and go fishing. Derek’s Dad did the best this year, the most catches. I did the best last year ūüôā I would DARE unhook the fish though! We planned on staying another night but had difficulty finding a camping spot, so we camped in Aunt Mary Beth’s front yard and spent the night hanging out with Uncle Gary. We roasted marshmallows, it was fun spending one on one time with Uncle Gary too. We set up tent and went to bed but it rained that night! Thankfully we stayed dry, but the outside of the tent was soaking which wasn’t very fun to pack up. We left early Monday morning to take Kaienna home in Spokane and tried to beat the Sasquatch traffic over the Pass. Derek knew a back road that shaved an hour off our travel time. We got home around 4:00pm with barely any time to unwind after a full weekend and being in the car for 16 hours total!


Keyda came too, she loved fishing

Whewww, I’m excited to another weekend, that’s for damn sure! Saturday I am working a Volunteer Event for work at the Special Olympics at Joint Base Lewis-McChord with a group of co-workers. Should be fun! Our shift is 10:00am to 2:00pm. Sunday I have absolutely NO plans and I want to keep it that way! The only things I’m gonna do is grocery shop at Costco, workout, and housework. I’m gonna be a social hermit.

I feel like this summer is gonna be jam packed with crazy shit. I have 2 friends getting married this summer (Brittany and Danielle)! I am a Bridesmaid for¬†Brittany and Derek is a Groomsman for¬†Danielle’s fianc√©. We’ll be running around helping with wedding plans, Bridal showers, Bachelor and Bachelorette parties, rehearsals, setting up, tearing down, etc. Tonight I am getting together with Danielle (who is getting married and ALSO¬†a Bridesmaid for Brittany!) to brainstorm Bachelorette party ideas for Brittany. I have some great stuff in mind but I can’t write about! SSSssshhhh! I already bought my Bridesmaid dress this week which should arrive end of July. I ordered a size smaller than I am…. I have committed to getting my body back! YIKES!


Kai and Daddy fishin’

On top of all the wedding planning and festivities, I have an admissions appointment at Bellevue College next Tuesday, June 3rd! I AM GOING BACK TO SCHOOL DAMN IT! Now that my competition is over, I can focus on the financial aid process, admissions, registration, picking classes etc. All that shit was way over my head for how underfed and exhausted I was.

The summer is gonna be crazy, but I’m so excited and ready for it ūüôā


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