Love Your Body

Love Your Body

I was ‘working really hard today’ at work when I stumbled across this Groupon. I wanted to share this on my blog because I’m genuinely really pleased with the gal they chose to model. She obviously has an extremely gorgeous body with curves in all the right places and I think she rocks the bikini out of this world.

For a while I was obsessed with rock hard abs, a size 24 inch waist, minimal body fat, and lean, lean, LEAN! Although that body type has it’s own appeal, I really admire my naturally curvier self. I love eating and I love working out. End of story. I shouldn’t STOP feeling sexy because I no longer weigh 110lbs.

I love my muscle, I love my butt, I love my waist, I love my shape, and I love myself. I’ll be real with you. I weigh 126lbs right now, and I’m pretty damn pleased with my body composition. The scale doesn’t matter. When I started my competition I weighed 118lbs, but I must say, I like my current shape better.

Although I gained so much experience the past 6 months, I have never loved my body, hated my body, and picked apart every aspect of myself so much. I was a hot mess I’ll tell ya. A train wreck, an emotional roller coaster, hot and cold, moody, snappy, irate, and downright rude from time to time. I kept telling myself that it’ll pass, the emotions will pass and my goal was much more important to me. I wasn’t healthy, but I kept telling myself that I was.

Post competition was equally a nightmare. I blew up like a bloated whale carcass! I felt like I was in a stranger’s body! I couldn’t stop looking at myself in the mirror thinking how FAT I was, I was embarrassed to go back to the gym and see all the people that praised my journey and complimented my physique. I was afraid they would judge me or think less of me.

A month later and I am FINALLY happy. You should love your body at any stage. Every shape is beautiful.


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