Hey Guys,

I’ve been all over the place. My blog posts haven’t been making any sense lately while I haven’t been training for the next big goal. I’m really disappointed my left foot has been giving me so much grief lately, I would LOVE to be running in this beautiful weather! I also haven’t been taking the time to make new recipes like I intended a month and a half ago. It’s crazy how life catches up with you when you break out of your strict routine of gym, tan, pose, meal prep! Some times I wonder, “How the fuck did I do it?!”

I DO have good news though! I’ve been blessed with a pretty amazing opportunity.

During my competition prep about 3-4 months ago I reached out to several of my favorite health & supplement brands such as Optimum Nutrition, PB2, Cellucor, Quest Nutrition etc. for sponsorships to no avail. I was pretty disappointed. I really put myself out there, wrote up a great bio and created a portfolio to send to these companies.  Today, many months later, I received an email from Quest Nutrition asking me if I would be interested in working the Quest Nutrition booth at the Gladiator Classic in Lynnwood next weekend Saturday, June 21st! Would I ever?!


Of course I said YES! I’m so excited to be involved with the bodybuilding fitness world, but in a different aspect. Plus, I get paid, so why the hell not?! Freakin’ love me some Quest bars, it’s been so long since I’ve had one, I’m getting the Quest craving!

gladiator classic

 I really hope to see my fit friends there! I’m really excited! I let the Event Coordinator know that I would be more than happy to work with Quest Nutrition at any other local bodybuilding competitions such as Iron Man and Washington State Natural. It would be so great, these fitness expos are an inspiration. Although I’m undecided if I will compete again in the future, I still have a love of fitness and a fascination with the sport and this is an excellent way to still be a part of that world.

I also have a phone interview next Tuesday with ‘Lorna Jane’! They are an athletic brand from Australia that will be opening a brand new store in the Bellevue Square Mall this August. I heard about the brand from none other than my favorite fitness role model Zuzka Light. Zuzka loves Lorna Jane’s clothing, speaks highly of the quality, and promotes them in her videos. I have visited their site and their cause is amazing, and their clothing looks extremely comfortable as well. I am hoping for a part time opportunity, but we will see what they have to offer!

Lorna Jane and Zuzka Light

Lorna Jane and Zuzka Light

I can’t wait to see what’s in store next week! Big things are happening, stick around for updates!

In the mean time, I’ve been celebrating my birthday for the past 4 days and 4 more to go! This weekend is the real celebration, but I have been cutting myself some slack since Derek’s mom baked me a delicious pan of oatmeal peanut butter chocolate bars! Derek also spoiled me with a bottle of 10 year Tawny Port that we will be drinking on Friday. Last week I did so good in the gym and ate really well! I finally worked out for 5 consecutive days for the first time since Emerald Cup! The past month and a half I’ve just been working out when I want and how I want, averaging  4 days a week. It has it’s perks, but consistency is key for results.

Anyways, stick around for updates! I’ll be posting a couple of my workouts this week, enjoy the rest of your evening 🙂



2 thoughts on “Opportunities

    • Thanks so much! I’m so happy Quest reached out to me. I was beginning to feel a little lost and out of the loop when I put my training to a halt. Don’t get me wrong, I love my freedom and time spent with family, but it’s hard getting back on track and in my groove!


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