Things that tick me off……

You can expect that when it’s your birthday week, shit’s gonna go down….

I dunno if that’s because I’m so freakin’ elated about getting white-girl-wasted with the homies this weekend that anything NOT positive seems way bigger of a deal than it actually is, or if shit really does just suck this week. Let me just vent for a second, cause I’m gettin’ ticked off quite frankly and need to get a load off my chest.

Things that tick me the F**K off…..

1) My email crashing on me – Hello! I’m tryna be a productive employee, gettin’ shit done, helping people, saving the world, doing my mundane work that will one day define WHO I AM! *sarcasmmmm* Kinda hard to do all that shit when it takes 2 1/2 hours to write an email because Outlook keeps crashing, causing me to blankly stare at the spinning blue wheel of DEATH trying to keep my heart from jumping outta’ my chest from anxiety.

office space

2) “Communication” – This is that ‘catch phrase’ at work and I want to shoot it in the face and never hear it again. Communicating to me about my poor communication is making me not want to communicate with you…. done.


3) This week just sucks – Let’s just say I’ve been slapped in the face several times, and some of that good news I had 2 days ago ain’t good news anymore. I think I need to pour myself a drink…. No longer working the Quest booth next weekend, and work is cray-cray to say the least. Thank god it’s my Friday because I would have to call out sick tomorrow from the nauseas this week is giving me.


4) Bloat – That shit is a DRAAAAAG. On top of a less than desirable week I have to feel like a freakin’ balloon animal and not the cute kind either. I just wanna FART! Yes, I said it. Fart. We all do it and if you say you don’t you’re a liar and you can burn in Hades. If you say you don’t enjoy it, you’re an even big liar. Farting is crucial.


5) People – Need I say more?


6) Silly projects that make me feel like I’m in school – Ummmm, I believe in filling my time with work that is beneficial and/or important to my future or the future of others. This busy work business that makes me feel like I’m in middle school? Nuh-uh, not important, waste of time, I dropped outta school for a reason. I wanna gain some life knowledge. None of this 2+2 crap.


7) Being stagnant – I need an outlet. I have the gym but I need MORE. I need a goal, I’m feeling so antsy, I’m thinking too much and too hard. I’m letting life get to me when I shouldn’t take it seriously. “Hey Jess, calm the fuck down.” Laugh at life, it’s just one big joke, so are more than half the people in it.

HERE’S TO THE FUCKING WEEKEND! Mood is about to improve……… PRE FUUUUNK!



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